1. Rain Summoner

    Off Topic Discussion
    For a modest fee, I will drive my Ram 1500 to your location where you will then pay for an expensive "top of the line" washing and detailing. Despite whatever your current local weather forecasts predict - within two days of my truck washing, your city and surrounding areas will be inundated...
  2. Window and Bug Deflectors- Expert Advice, Tips, Videos & FAQ's

    Custom Exterior Modifications - Body Mods & Kits
    One of the first accessories added on a new vehicle are wind, rain and bug deflectors. They are affordable, functional and add style to any vehicle, but which one is right for you? To answer this question, we put together a user-friendly research guide on deflectors to help you understand the...
  3. Hydroplaning

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    First drive in heavy rain in the Ram and I was surprised to hydroplane. There was some water on the road but not flooded at all. I have no experience driving 4 wheel drive other than with the Ford Escape which was 4 wheel drive but did the switching on it's own whenever it felt the need. When...