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    I have an 06 Ram 2500 with the Hemi and g56 transmission. My power steering pump is on its way out and Im looking to do the ZF pump upgrade and need some help! I know you can get the mopar kit but that's $$$. Looking at several sites and mostly Rock Auto, there would appear to be good cheaper...
  2. Powertrain
    Hello everyone, I have a 2003 Ram 2500 4x4 with the 5.7 Hemi and I currently have 75.3k miles on it. I have a couple issues which I think are related but not entirely sure so I'm just lumping them together since they are very similar in what happens. First Issue: Every once in while when I...
    First forum post ever. My 2015 2500 6.4 Hemi is shifting gears at higher than normal rpms. It does it consistently through all gears. Thinking that it was transmission issues I have dropped transmission pan, changed both filters and replace with new fluid. No improvement at all. Dealership says...
  4. Gen 3 Dodge Ram
    New to this but looking to see if anyone knows where you can get a smaller grill. For these trucks that fit like the second gen hoods that are right flush with the headlights. Put a 4g bumper on and had to trim the hood to get it to close
  5. LD RAM - General Discussion
    I'm wondering what are parts that I should replace/clean/do while I have the heads, timing cover, oil pan, etc. off of my engine while I'm replacing the camshaft and lifters with a stage .5 HL V2 thump with RPM series spring upgrade cam kit from Greene Racing that comes with the camshaft, PAC...
    So I've got a 1995 2500 with the 5.9L V8. It's got 153k. The fuel gauge doesn't read accurately. It runs outta gas when the gauge reads 1/4 tank. How do I fix that?
  7. 2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    Does anyone know firsthand if the fender flares from a 2013 ram 2500 would fit onto a 2011 Ram 1500 hemi 4x4? Just looking to find out before I buy the used set. They are a great price at $80 for 4 of them I wouldn’t want to miss out if they will bolt up. Tia!
  8. 2018 Ram 2500, 4X4 with tow package

    <p>Why do I have to special order a standard cab, 8 foot bed pickup? No delaer within 200 miles shows stock on what I consider a regular pickup. Everyone has 4 door with a 4 foot box toys. Anyway the dealer eventually found one (in red) and had it shipped in. No more over-taxing the 1500 when
    I just purchased a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 and was interested in getting new wheels and tires. I think im gonna go with BFG Mud terrain T/A KM2 tires. Maybe a 285-75-17 or 285-70-18 depending on wheel size. I have the factory stock rims on now they're 8Jx17 ET43. I had some questions on which wheels...
1-9 of 36 Results