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  1. For Sale 2011 Ram R/T

    Dodge Ram For Sale - Used Dodge Trucks
    My mods are in my signature, its been dyno'd at 395 HP, and 415 TQ. I can't afford to drive it right now due to high gas prices and a long commute to work. Its got new 305/40/22 Nitto 420s tires on it (see picture 2), $900 worth of tire. I want $23,250 for it. You can email me at...
  2. How does the SRT-10 get traction?

    Dodge Ram SRT10
    I was reading an article the other day about the SRT-10 and the writer said that launching the SRT-10 was pretty easy, and that it didn't spin tires unless you revved it too high before launching. With 500 HP and 525 lb/ft of torque, how can it get traction like that? My R/T with a hundred less...
  3. I Need Help With Traction!

    Dodge Ram R/T
    Every freakin' time I take off from a dead stop or a 5-15 roll in my wonderful truck, I spin the tires! Even if I don't stall it. Is there any way I can launch my truck without shredding my tires? :D I'm still running my stock tires, I have 4,300 miles on my truck. They're inflated to 40 psi. It...
  4. R/T Racing Exploits?

    Dodge Ram R/T
    I raced for the first time in my life today with my '11 R/T and I shamefully lost both races. One was a '08 Tundra Double Cab 2WD 5.7L and he beat me by 3 truck lengths. The other is a '03 Silverado SS AWD and he beat me by 2 truck lengths. I'm very disappointing because I thought these R/Ts...
  5. I Got Killed..With a '11 R/T

    Drag Racing Discussion
    This is an embarrassing thing to admit..but I raced twice tonight, and lost both races. The first guy I raced had an '08 2WD Tundra Double Cab with a 5.7, and he beat me by about 3 truck lengths. The next guy I raced had an '03 Silverado SS AWD, and he beat me by about 2 truck lengths. Both...
  6. Painted Brakes!

    Dodge Ram R/T
    I'd been putting it off for a while, but I finally got around to painting my brakes bright red to match the R/T in the grill.
  7. Gonna Order a Ram R/T!!

    Dodge Ram R/T
    So, I'm planning to order a black R/T in about a month, and I'm wondering if you guys have suggestions on any mods to get. I was thinking of getting a K&N CAI, and a magnaflow exhaust to make it a lil louder. And a Diablosport Predator tuner. I don't put too much aftermarket stuff on it, cause I...