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  1. 2012 Ram R/T Tuner available yet?

    Dodge Ram R/T
    Hello friends, Next week I am having a single Aero Turbine 3030 installed, adding a "Y" pipe behind the muffler and leaving both stock resonators on. I am also having a K&N C.A.I. installed. I am waiting on an A.R.E. LSX Tonneau cover, Bedrug, Bed Extender, and some Vinyl Body Wrap Graphics...
  2. What is the difference in a ram r/t and a 1500?

    Dodge Ram R/T
    Hey everyone. I just got a 1996 dodge ram r/t. For one I am wanting to know if anyone knows the difference in the r/t and a 1500. For two the guy I got it off of said that there was only 2200 of them made that year and I am wondering if that is true, and the last thing is how do I know if it is...
  3. Rear Axle Recall?

    Dodge Ram R/T
    Hey guys, I took my truck in for an oil change today at my local Dodge dealer and they told me that something about the rear axle on my truck had been recalled. Something to do with fuel drainage..that's all I can remember from what they told me. Sorry I can't give y'all more details, but I'm...
  4. Bought a Ram R/T

    Dodge Ram R/T
    Today's the big day. I'm gonna pick up my 2011 Ram R/T! :smileup: I was gonna order one, but I sold my other truck and I didn't have anything else to drive so I had to get one from another town about 100 miles away. Its mineral gray, with power adjustable pedals, rear backup camera, spray in...
  5. Cool grill MOD - 09 Ram R/T

    I love this forum because all the ideas that sometimes want to apply to my 09 R/T some have already done it in here, which gives u a very good parameter if u r undecided whether to do it or not. Anyway a friend and I came up with the idea of painting some red stripes around the front grill. We...