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  1. LD RAM - General Discussion
    Thanks everyone for sharing their experience and knowledge. Here is my experience after going through this magical situation for 4 days. Case History: All of a sudden my Ram 1500, 2013 SLT starts getting on, without pressing any fob button. Vehicle was running, locked. No issues with operations...
  2. Gen 3 Dodge Ram
    Hello I am new here, thanks for letting me join. I have a ram 2500 work truck 4x4 st year 2007 My motor blew yesterday 5.7 hemi What motors will fit for a replacement Someone said 06 to 08 Another person said 07 to 2012 My motor does not have mds that I know of or egr? Just want a direct...
  3. 2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi everybody, loving having a truck so far but took a step back in tech trading in my 2017 Subaru Impreza. I am driving a 2014 ram 1500 tradesmen and I’m wondering if I can do a direct swap on the steering wheel to add radio buttons. I found one on eBay that is leather wrapped, has all the...
  4. 2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    So I’m having some weird problems with my truck. I have. 14’ Ram 1500 and lately I’ve started having weird issues with it. When I’m driving and press on the brake or come to a stop, the audio turns off, seat warmers/cooled seats turn off and the compass looses its orientation. Once I start...
  5. Gen 5 Dodge Ram
    Anyone in the New York area with a bench seat in a ram 1500 bighorn new body wanna swap for a consol with buckets?
  6. Gen 3 Dodge Ram
    My 06 dodge ram 1500 wont start ... Battery not dead can hear fuel pump start all gages come on don't hear any clicking sounds just silence n wont start... Pls help
    I am in need of desperate help I have no idea what is going on with my pickup. Since winter has set in here in Southern Idaho my pickup has been acting up. In the mornings when it seems to be cold and wet my 2011 ram 1500 will just turn over and over but will not fire the first time. The second...
    Ive got a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT with the 5.7 Hemi and 188,000 miles. The code Im getting is P0301 for cylinder 1 misfire. Only starts to misfire when you really get on the gas or just under load pulling a hill. Cruising around or even at an idle the truck is fine. We've changed the spark plugs...
  9. Body & Interior
    Just noticed 3 rust bubbles coming up from under my OEM style flares on my bed. I can pick up 2 weld-in replacement patches for about $140. If I were to take it to a shop, have them cut, weld, and paint the new pieces, how much could I expect for the bill?
  10. LD RAM - General Discussion
    Hey guess I’m very new to the forums here but so far love what I’m reading. There’s a lot here that will help in the future goin forward with some of my ole girls projects and more detailed maintenance. I got an 03 Ram 1500 2wd 2x4 quad cab. I bought it years back and it had led aftermarket tail...
  11. 5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    I have been frustrated by this for several years now. I have a 2001 Ram 1500 Laramie. I was on a trip home to Kansas from Wisconsin. The rain got heavier so I switched the wipers to high. They went through one cycle and parked in the home position. They haven't worked since. I checked all...
  12. The Minotaur RAM 1500 from Prefix Corp.

    This one... custom painted "tequila Lime"
  13. ram_15001

    My baby! 09 1500 stock except K&N CAI alot more mods to come!
  14. 2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    In adding the Body Guard bumpers ( and all the necessary tools to facilitate the mobile Exhaust shop in the bed Big Brake upgrade was definitely up for consideration. With nearly 600 lbs of tools in the bed the brake feel was okay at best and while stock felt...
1-15 of 18 Results