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  1. Pinion seal leak?

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Hi, two days ago I noticed a little bit of oil on the driveway since I started parking my truck in another spot. I know nothing about diffs, but I assume this is a pinion seal leak? It drips very slowly (I'd say 3 drips per day), but it looks very wet? I assume it must've leaked much worse when...
  2. 3500 SRW Rear Diff Opened

    3500 SRW Rear Diff Opened

    3500 SRW Rear Diff Opened
  3. 01 1500 w/off-road package rear end

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    So my rear end (4.10 gears) is done. Can't find another anywhere within a couple hundred miles from here in Louisville. Thinking about maybe buying new after market.. any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks
  4. Identification sticker for rear diffs

    Identification sticker for rear diffs

    68142573AC DMC 3.21 Open; 68142574AC DMD 3.5 Open; 68142575AC DMD DSA 3.55 LSD; 68142576AC DMH 3.92 Open; 68142577AC DMH DSA 3.92 LSD; 68142579AC DMF DSA 4.10 LSD; 68159839AC DMC DSA 3.21 LSD
  5. Knock from front end....

    5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Ok so about a week and a half ago, my front left wheel bearing let go while I was going about 65 on the highway... tire looked similar to / ... had that replaced by the stealership (didn't have time to do it myself that weekend...) Well, since then I have been having a knock coming from the...
  6. NeBad Rear Differential Carrier Assembly

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    Bad Rear Differential Carrier Assembly Well, if I needed yet another problem with my 2010 Ram 2500 TRX4. :mad: Took it to the dealer for a few problems, not the least of which is a hard kick in the pants/back when shifting into Drive when warm. It literally feels like you've been...