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  1. Ram 1500 rear end squeak

    I have a 2014 ram 1500 fitted with a 6 inch pro comp lift and i am chasing a rear end squeak. I have driven the truck with the sway bar disconnected and the noise is still there, replaced the rear control arms, greased the tail gate, checked brake lines and they don't seem to be rubbing...
  2. Compatibility of my truck?

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    first off thanks for taking the time to read this. About my truck: dodge ram 03 1500 slt 8 ft bed reg cab 4.7l v8 4x4 3.92 gear ratio. My situation: I bought my truck for $300 with a blown rear end assuming it wouldn't cost much. I was obviously wrong because now i'm here. cost is around...
  3. 01 1500 w/off-road package rear end

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    So my rear end (4.10 gears) is done. Can't find another anywhere within a couple hundred miles from here in Louisville. Thinking about maybe buying new after market.. any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks
  4. Rear end squeak.

    I need help. My 2007 1500 has been driving me nuts with a loud squeak from the rear end. The noise is very inconsistent, it'll squeak whenever i drive over bumps or uneven roads. It quiets down whenever I am driving over newly paved/resurfaced roads and when I'm driving in the rain. Anyone might...
  5. Bouncy Bouncy Ride

    This is my first post - go easy on me. My truck rides like crap. I've been putting repairs into it and have everyone stumped as what the cause could be without throwing hundred dollar bills at it. Specs: 2007 Ram 2500 4x4 Quad Cab 62,500 miles 5.7L Hemi No Lift Aftermarket steering...
  6. I need help knowing what rear end is in my truck!

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    I have a 2010 single cab short bed dodge, 1500 2wd with the 3.7 v6. If I put 33's on the truck it will have less get up and go than it does now, which isn't much. The problem is I am not sure what rear end is in my truck to get the 4:10 or 4:11 ring and pinion for it. Please HELP!
  7. Will nitrous rip me apart?

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    Ok so I have a stock 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi with stock rear end, stock trans with a beefed up torque converter I had built and put in. My question is when i put this nitrous system on my truck what is the chances of it ripping my internals apart? I have the option of 75,100,125 shot with...
  8. Transmission Problems, time to make a decision and possible rear end

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    Okay, my truck has a very odd problem that has come up. Sometimes, when I crank it up to go somewhere, it doesn't want to go in reverse. I can shift it into gear, but I have to tap the throttle once or twice before it will fully gear in. I am getting no codes from it at all. It will do it cold...
  9. Rear end questions

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    I just recently purchased another ram.. '98 1500 4x4 quad cab, 5.2, auto. It needs a rear end, the boy I bought it from had completely disassembled it and the ring and pinion had teeth broken. The tag says 3.9, the build sheet from Dodge says 3.92 with trac loc, and when I call looking at...
  10. 97 ram 2500HD clunking help!

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    every time i go in reverse (backing into my driveway per say) and i'm turning i hear a clunking sound in the rear end of the truck and can feel it through the floor of the truck, only happens when turning in reverse. also a slight ticking in the front end as well, i have greased all that i could...
  11. NeBad Rear Differential Carrier Assembly

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    Bad Rear Differential Carrier Assembly Well, if I needed yet another problem with my 2010 Ram 2500 TRX4. :mad: Took it to the dealer for a few problems, not the least of which is a hard kick in the pants/back when shifting into Drive when warm. It literally feels like you've been...
  12. Rear end problems

    so my 2009 dodge ram 1500 laramie, driveshaft dropped out of it pulling in to the dodge dealrship to get a rear end noise looked at. so far the dealership says that the yolk broke and they are looking into the reason why. this is the second time this has happened with only 28000 miles...
  13. a sputter and a shutter

    I have recently purchased an '05 Ram and have a slight issue. When you come to a full stop 2 things are happening. One when you go to give it gas to pull away it sputters like it doesnt want to go but then within seconds is fine. Also, if you turn away from a full stop it also shutters a lil bit...