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  1. 2019 Dodge Ram Forum - DT
    Just bought a 2019 Ram. Anyone notice there is no metal radio antenna on these trucks anymore, seems like they are now molded into the windshield. I have the Sirius radio antenna on the roof which works well, but my FM radio reception is horrible the majority of the time. I live in a area where...
  2. 2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    I didnt like the look of the OEM antenna so i replaced it with a 6 3/4 stubby antenna, I am not happy with the reception that i get, In my searches on the the interwebs ive come across this I was...
  3. Electrical
    Hello everyone! Has anyone noticed really poor FM reception (such that stations cut in and out) when the engine is running, but good FM reception when the truck is off? (If it matters, the truck is a 6.4L V8, factory dual alts, very low electrical load still.)
  4. Electrical
    Up until three months ago, I was quite impressed with the AM/FM Radio with Cassette and CD players in my Dodge Ram SLT Extended Cab (2002). However, the AM radio reception has become terrible. I can barely detect the area's two strongest stations from among the background of static. FM...
1-4 of 4 Results