1. WTB Stock resonators from 09+ dual exhaust

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    If anybody has removed the resonators from their dual tailpipes on the 09+ ram 1500 I would be interested in buying them.
  2. Resonator & engine health?

    So I just got myself an AeroTurbine 3030 muffler for my 2014 Ram 5.7. Ive heard the audiophillic arguments for & against resonators and I know where I stand there. However, I'm here to get some mechanical info on these suckers. What kind of back pressure do these create? And do play any...
  3. 1 in/2 out muffler, or (y,x,h) pipe???

    So I've got my tuner, vararam, waiting on bullys ported throttle body and a catch can and am now thinkin headers. I've got a borla muffler I swapped with the gigantic factory muffler and I love the sound but honestly think maybe some shorty headers, new an x pipe and dual it out at a local...
  4. Keep or delete resonators?

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    So I traded my 2009 crew cab hemi for a 2011 fully loaded and 1/3 of the miles hemi. On the 2009 I had a 18" magnaflow muffler along with the rebuilt y-pipe in the front and I kept the resonators on. For the 2011, I am doing the same setup except I am debating on deleting the resonators. Will it...
  5. How to increase tail pipe size??

    I own a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab Sport with dual stock tips. Can anyone tell me how to increase my stock 2.25" tail pipe to a 4" tail pipe? I'm still running the stock cat back from Dodge. I bought gnarly 5" rear tips that require a 4" inlet pipe. I would prefer keeping my resonators in...
  6. Magnaflow?? Stock dual out pipes? Resonators?? HELP!!!

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    Ok here is my question and delima. I finally decided to put a new muffler on and went with a magnaflow after reading all the reviews. They sound amazing in all the Youtube videos I have watched. The shop where I got it put on said there would be no need to waste the money on them bending and...
  7. 99 ram exhaust question

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    Getting rid of my stock muffler system and I want to run a slp loudmouth 1 resonator on my 5.2 v8 ram good idea or not & anyone have one on there ram before what is it like?????
  8. Made a move to remove the Resonators today.

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    Cost me $40. My decision to try this was a money factor and curiosity. Results are as follows: MEH.,,,,,,,, They are a little throatier and there seems to be just a smudge of better responsiveness. The tranny does not hunt/stall between 2nd & 3rd like before, no noise diff in the cab, and a...
  9. Resonator delete vs muffler change/delete?

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    I have the Laramie with the "subdued exhaust note" (Dodge words, not mine) and I'd like just a little less calmness out of the sound. It's my wife's daily driver so I can't do what I'd really like to do. So what is the word on resonator vs muffler mods for this type of situation? My thought...
  10. 09 Hemi exhaust/resonator ?

    How many resonators are on the 09 HEMI Rams (single factory exhaust)? Read some posts about people removing only the rear resonator but when i look under the truck, the rear resonator is the only one i see. What am i missing? Reason i ask is because i will be upgrading exhaust soon. Thinking...