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  1. The Kid's Restoration Begins

    Restoration of the 1968 Charger is in progress at Seybert's Auto Service, now owned by my younger brother, John. He is doing the mechanical work before we move onto the hard stuff . . . the body.
  2. Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    Hey Guys, I’ve been a lurker on the site for a while now. After all the help you guys have done w/ fixing my truck or How To’s, I’ve decided it’s time to return the favor. For a while, I’ve been looking at getting new headlights. It was hard to justify the price Recon or the dealer was...
  3. 5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    Hello all, Im looking at restoring my 1999 1500 5.2l 4x4 quad cab sport package back to original specs. The problem I'm having is I just dont know all the original specs. I believe it came with the 46RH or RE Transmission but not sure which one. Also not sure if its the NP231 or...
1-3 of 4 Results