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  1. Suspension
    Anyone else have this problem? When I'm driving my truck on asphalt roads it drives nice and smooth. As soon as the highway changes to asphalt the truck rides rough bouncing until the road changes back to asphalt. The suspension shocks and struts have all been changed with no change in the...
  2. Suspension
    I have heard a soft spring stiff shock is supposed to work well .how ever I'm having a hard time finding a shock that makes sense. Any ideas. Just ordered the Gabriel rear air shocks. So that's the rear covered. Fronts. Not so easy to understand. Any ideas would be great.
  3. Suspension
    Hi I have a 1500 and a 3500 6.7 Dually, the 3500 is a mega cab and I tow a 30 ft ultra lite 5th wheel it, great for towing but the ride as a daily drive is not good, the 1500 is like a limo in comparison. My question please if I can get a 2500 mega cab is the ride better than the 3500 and would...
1-3 of 5 Results