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  1. 2016 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi All, Newbie question here. Driving on the highway, we noticed a new sound coming from the truck: sounds like a bass rumble from a subwoofer. (Yes, the music is off, nothing rattling in the change pocket). It starts or is more audible at about 50 mph. RPM's are right around 2K. Does...
  2. 2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi everyone. New Ram 1500 Owner here. I just traded in my Tacoma for a 2013 Longhorn edition 4x4 w/ 5.7 Hemi (56Kmiles) about two weeks ago. Everything seemed fine on the lot and driving it around. Carfax checked out, but this weekend I took it for about a 4.5hr roadtrip and noticed when I had...
  3. 5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    So it's very slight, but noticeable and I would describe it as a slight knock/grumbling/rumble. It's one of those noises that is hard to define. It's rhythm is relevant to speed - it gets faster as the truck speeds up. My first thought is a grumbling diff. I just recently serviced the...
1-3 of 4 Results