1. Impending Madness, Get It While the Getting is Good

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    First, take a moment to reflect upon the fact that while Ram sales continue to increase and have never been better, by the time the 5th gen is out the 4th gen will have spanned 3 generations of GM trucks; so Ram must be doing something right (and have been for some time) with the 4th gens. Guy65...
  2. Nice review and photos of 2013 RAM

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  3. Whats up with me losing this one..?

    Drag Racing Discussion
    Hi everyone. Not had my Dodge too long now but so far I've raced three Chevys and a Ford. I have an '07 Quad Cab 4x4 with a 5.7 btw. First race against a 2001 s10 ext. cab automatic trans 2WD.. WIN.. waxed it good Second against a '07 Chevy Silverado 2WD single cab with a 4.7.. WIN.. by a...
  4. Killed an SS and Cummins (Sorta)

    Kills and More Kills
    Last night I raced my friends Silverado SS again, cause he had some new mods. Right now he has a dumped no muffler exhaust, intake, custom tune, 180 t stat, and a shift kit. Even with his AWD and my spinning rear tires, I beat him right from the start and just kept increasing my lead to about 3...
  5. R/T Racing Exploits?

    Dodge Ram R/T
    I raced for the first time in my life today with my '11 R/T and I shamefully lost both races. One was a '08 Tundra Double Cab 2WD 5.7L and he beat me by 3 truck lengths. The other is a '03 Silverado SS AWD and he beat me by 2 truck lengths. I'm very disappointing because I thought these R/Ts...
  6. I Got Killed..With a '11 R/T

    Drag Racing Discussion
    This is an embarrassing thing to admit..but I raced twice tonight, and lost both races. The first guy I raced had an '08 2WD Tundra Double Cab with a 5.7, and he beat me by about 3 truck lengths. The next guy I raced had an '03 Silverado SS AWD, and he beat me by about 2 truck lengths. Both...