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  1. Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    So I'm upgrading my sound system. Truck has a crazy stereo setup, 4 door speakers, 3 dash speakers and 2 headliner speakers I believe. I've been beating my head off a wall with a issue I've been having. I'm running 2 JL 10" subs and went with the Kenwood xr600-6dsp with the Idatalink chip. I...
  2. Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Hello all, I have the premium alpine system and I am currently installing a lc6i for my two jl amps (jx360/4, jx1000/d) my question is where is everyone getting signals from? I have read many posts about summing front, rear and sub to get full range but I have also read front, centers and sub...
1-2 of 2 Results