1. 2013 and up master sheet for door panel removal and speaker installation

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    I hope this will be of help for those who need them.
  2. Speakers- Which do you use for negative?

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    so what wire do you usually use as the negative? Copper or silver?
  3. this would work right?. 6x9's on switches for different locations?

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    So my plan is to put these double toggle switches in line for my 6x9s so i can either have them behind my seats, off(never going to use but its in the switch) or at OTHER wires in my bed, (ill take the 6x9s out out put them in my bed). This way these wires wont be hot, and hitting stuff. this...
  4. removing panels- Need help

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    I have a 2001 Dodge Ram Sport Regular Cab I've removed almost all of the panels in my truck except for a few. I need to get to my rear speakers. That panel is easy, it just pops off like all the others, except for the top. It looks like I need to take off that seatbelt bolt? what type is...
  5. Wiring Help!!!:(

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    Okay so i bought these dome tweeters that i wanted to hook up. So i wanted to hook them up to the left front door speaker. I pulled the head unit out and stripped a bit of the grey/violet and grey/yellow wire and ran a wire from the grey/violet wire and grey/yellow wire. I attached the tweeter...
  6. 2002 Replacement Speaker Issue

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    Hello all, I have been upgrading my 2002 ram 1500's audio system, and have successfully installed a subwoofer, new rear speakers, and new front speakers. (and am working on the tweeters). Unfortunately as you may know, infinity decided to put a crossover in the system where the front speaker...