1. Advice on 2003 Quad Cab Infinity Speaker Replacement

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I want to upgrade my factory installed Infinity door and dash speakers and was wondering what is recommended to give me good bass. I am keeping the original factory cd player. So what ohm ? How many watts RMS ? How many watts peak power ? 2 way ? 3 way ? I like my music loud and thumping and...
  2. Uconnect 8.4 speaker/amp upgrade

    4th Gen UConnect
    I have a 2015 Big Horn with standard 6 speaker 8.4 Uconnect without the Alpine system. I'm upgrading all the speakers and installing a LOC, 5 channel amp and adding a sub. A few threads have mentioned that the door speaker and dash speaker are wired in parallel. Can anyone confirm this and if...
  3. 1998 Ram Door Speaker Replacement Question

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Hey all, not sure if I'm in the right section for this, but I have a question regarding car audio. My most recent purchace, a 1998 Ram 1500 has both front door speakers blown. I'm tired of listening to just the speakers behind me and I'm ready for some door replacements. First and foremost, I...
  4. Ram R/T alpine sound system

    Dodge Ram R/T
    Has anyone changed the r/t alpine speakers on the doors? I blew mine out and need help replacing it with the identical speaker or even better ones. I know the door speakers only put out bass so I would like that same setup.
  5. MTX speakers in the doors - UNF!

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Yeah I couldn't do the Kicker or Alpine thing, so let's get stupid shall we? This is part 1, part 2 in a little while. They don't fit, right? But if you look, it's not the depth that's stopping them from fitting it's the diameter of the magnet. Look here: That's the sumbich...
  6. Speaker Replacement

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I am looking to replace the factory speakers in my non-alpine 2014 ram crew cab. I have read a lot of positive reviews on the Mopar Kicker replacements. However, I am not sold yet. If I were to go that route, do I want to go with the front door kit that has the tweeters for the dash (part...
  7. Truck Bed Speaker System

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a friend with speakers mounted under his toolbox in his truck bed for on the beach and things. I'm wondering if anyone knows a kit or set thats already made for this, waterproof and already set up, or if I'd have to custom do this job? Looking to Play some music real loud outside of the...
  8. Rear door speakers not working?

    I have a 2007 Ram 1500. I few months ago I installed a new head unit along with an amp to power two subs and a second amp to power all of the speakers. Everything worked great. I recently noticed that my rear door speakers were not working. (I think they worked after the initial install but im...
  9. Upgrade to 2016 factory speakers

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I have a 2016 RAM Outdoorsman crew cab and upgraded the six factor speakers that came with my 8.4A head unit. Here are the speakers I purchased through Crutchfield for about $370 total. Includes all wiring harnesses and brackets for quick plug and play install. They also provide vehicle specific...
  10. 3 way component speakers ??

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I've been comparing some of my speaker options and I ran across a 3 way component set by focal. I was just curious if anyone has went this route with their truck. I was going to mount the 6.5 in the normal speaker location and tweeter on the door and the 4 in mid in the dash. Just wanted to get...
  11. 2013 alpine premium sound speaker layout

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I've been looking at my premium sound speaker sizes an trying to get a diagram of the speaker sizes! I know my dash speakers are 3.5 but I would like to know the rest of my speaker sizes like the center dash speaker and my front doors? Does anyone have the speaker diagram for the premium sound...
  12. Aftermarket Navigation and stereo

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Help..up graded my speakers per Crutchfield's recommendation and the sound is good but lost some volume . I would like to upgrade to Nav. unit from my 5.0 uconnect. Any suggestions ??
  13. Radio Bezel

    Body & Interior
    Im getting a new stereo for my truck, a touch screen, does anyone know where I can get a knew bezel for cheap? Ive got the regular radio so the sound nobs are cut into it. Anyone know where I can get a stock touchscreen one or aftermarket one for free? I have a 2007 ram.
  14. 2010 Ram 1500 Speaker Problems

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Hi. I have a 2010 Ram 1500 Lone Star Edition. I have the U-Connect 130 satellite radio. I have noticed that the left front door speaker and dash speaker only work at very low volume, as you increase the volume it starts cutting out, and eventually stops working altogether. I disconnected the...
  15. speaker upgrade

    Body & Interior
    Questions for the audiophiles here: 2008 1500 quadcab with 7-speaker Infinity system. Just replaced the head unit with a JVC 20x4 RMS unit, run through the Infinity amp. Sounds great at low volumes, 6x9s can't seem to handle the bass at higher volumes. So: 1. If I upgrade the front door 6x9s...
  16. a few questions about my 02 ram

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    ok so i have a few questions. I blew my front door speaker in my 02 ram, it has the factory infinity system in it. I was just planning on replacing the 4 door speakers in the front and rear with 4 ohm speakers. Is it okay to replace 2 ohm speakers with 4 ohm speakers? the speakers i wanted to...
  17. Need Ideas for sub boxes

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Hello I have a 2001 dodge ram extended cab and I was thinking about putting subs in my truck but I dont know where to put them.:4-dontknow: If anyone has pics of where you put your subs and amp I would love to see them! Also plz tell what kind of subs and amps you have (also speakers). Thanks
  18. For Sale 2011 Dodge Ram Crew Cab accessories.

    Dodge Ram Parts and Accessories for Sale - Trade -
    Ok. I have WeatherTech floor mats for the front in brown. They are separate pieces. I also have the floor mat for the rear in brown. It is one piece that goes all the way across. Also for the Crew Cab I have WeatherTech front and rear window visors in the dark color. I also have my AFE intake...
  19. Radio problems....

    Hey first post here guys, I have a 97 ram 1500, And I just installed an old radio for the time being because when I purchased the truck it did not have one. I got a wiring diagram and wired everything properly. The problem is that the front door speakers do not work. The rear speakers work...
  20. Stereo Conundrum (Stock Stereo)

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I currently have the stock 2007 basic radio with the aux input and 4 speaker sound system (Crew Cab). I recently decided to upgrade my door speakers. I went out and purchased the JBL GTO938 6x9's for the front as a start. These speakers are rated at 100W RMS and 300W Max @ 2 Ohms...