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  1. Mopar Online Parts - Dodge Ram Accessories!
    Looking for a speedometer cable that fits 1981 w250 with 360. See stuff on eBay but it's too long or has wrong fittings.
  2. 6.4L (392 cu in) HEMI V8 Specific Topics
    When are we going to see a 6.4L Hemi with an 8 speed transmission? I'm looking to buy a Power Wagon but with Chrysler phasing in the 8 and 9 speed transmissions I don't want to buy the 6 speed and regret it when the 8 speed comes out in the Ram 2500s.
  3. Performance Mods - Engine - 5.2 Liter V8
    I am wanting to regear my truck to help compensate for my tires and to get more low end power. My biggest fit is going down the highway to school even smaller hills I have to kick it and it will run to 2500-3000 rpm to even Matain speed. Other cars, trucks I drive will not do this. I currently...
  4. Drag Racing Discussion
    This isn't necessarily a "drag racing" question/ but you know, this is the place with the fast cars! So i figure id ask here. i basically have a stock engine. I'm pretty tired of these little rice burners flooring it at red lights and then cutting me off. Im not talking about like a high top...
  5. 3.7L PowerTech V6 Specific Topics
    I just bought a used 06 Dodge Ram 1500 With a STD Trans. I noticed when i shift into 6th gear i loose speed even ehith the peddal to the floor. unless im goinbg 85 or better. What is 6th gear for if you have to be going 15-20 MPH over the limit to use it?
  6. Electrical
    Hey all.. Just purchased a `98 1500 5.2L. When trying to use CC, when I hit the button on the steering wheel, the dashboard lights up. However, it will never let me 'set' cruise. Any ideas?
  7. LD RAM - General Discussion
    Hi i need some help. i have a 99 dodge 1500 sport 4x4 5.9l is making a noking noise under the car when i am driving when turning it dosent do it also when i use the 4x4 it dosent do the noise, after this happen the light form the abs and brakes also engine light come out, and the...
  8. Heating & Cooling
    I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 and the blower fan seems to vary in speed for no reason. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem or they have any insight as to what it may be. Thanks
  9. 5.7L (345 cu in) HEMI V8 Specific Topics
    Just bought an 11 sport this week. Noticed while running down the highway at 65 with the cruise set that the ECO was not kicking in so I was getting 16 mph. I then slowed and set the cruise at 55 and the ECO kicked in and my mpg went up to 20.5. I then played around and found that the eco...
1-9 of 11 Results