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  1. LD RAM - General Discussion
    My dream vehicle is a regular cab SRT10 Commemorative Edition, with the 6 speed manual. I think they're the coolest, most badass vehicles ever conceived. That said, I was a little annoyed when they revealed the TRX. I've been pining for the return of a truck that could be seen as a successor...
  2. Dodge Ram SRT10
    Hi all, A friend of mine has a 2005 SRT-10 quad cab and he wants to lower it. (Don't ask me why. He probably wants to convert it to a lawn mover.) He's from Germany and any of you that have had the pleasure of dealing with the TÜV know: you don't really do the mods you want, you do the ones...
  3. RAM

    New RAM with Summer rims from SRT 10
1-3 of 5 Results