1. After overheating, no start

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    I have a 1999, 2500, 5.9 liter gas engine Ram Truck. It sat up for a few years. I loaned it to a relative, who drove it to his home, about 75 miles. It cranked and ran fine when he came for it. Apparently the thermostat hung. The truck over heated, quite badly. He finally pulled to the side...
  2. Push button start or similar for 2014 Big Horn??

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Is there anyway to get factory push button start or something similar installed after vehicle purchase? My 2012 Durango had push button start and you could remove the button and still push in the ignition without the key fob inserted and start the vehicle. With the Ram you have to insert the...
  3. Delayed Start

    i had a backup camera installed in a 2003 dodge ram 2500 Hemi, the truck before this has never had any problems at all. but after i had this backup camera installed when i put the key in the ignition i cant turn the key right away and have the engine start, i have to stick the key in the...
  4. Remote Start Limit?

    2009 3.7 gas engine I have the remote start. Handy as heck. I work in a camp that is far north and cold. I would find it very handy to start the vehicle every time I thought that I might use it even if it turns out that I don't need a trip to the field. I can only start it twice in a row (with...
  5. Wrecked 1990 ram, now won't crank?? I need hel

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    I have a 1990 d-150 that I wrecked into a tree I replaced the front clip and now it won't crank, or even get fuel. I checked all the grounds and they checked out good, I don't know what it could be maybe the neutral safety switch? I can't really figure it out I'm gonna try to find time this week...
  6. Engine issue

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    I am having trouble with my engine. It starts but won't stay on unless I hold the pedal down. I have researched this issue and keep hearing about "vacuum leaks" but I must confess, I am NOT a mechanic and don't know where to start looking for this issue. Can anyone help with this...preferably...