1. Sub Box - BBox or Fox

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I'm look for a good solution to put a sub under the rear seat of my '14 quad cab that is cheaper than the JL stealthbox. I've come up with two possibilities. One from BBox and one from Fox Acoustics. Click on the brand name for links to the individual products. I am curious if anyone has...
  2. 2018 Ram 2500 8.4 Alpine Subwoofer

    2018 Dodge Ram Forum
    I just bought a 2018 Dodge Ram 2500 mega cab with the 8.4 Alpine stereo system. I am reading that there is an 8" subwoofer included in this system but I cannot find it under the rear seat where it is shown in the standard cabs. I have the 60/40 reclining seats in the back due to the mega cab...
  3. Factory 2010 Alpine? Don't care for my Fahrenheit after market.

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Can anyone tell me the exact stereo in the pic on page 11 here? I have a Fahrenheit after market stereo with a 9 inch display. It's a nice stereo, but I think I'd rather have the factory one in this picture. Does anyone know which model this is? And does it have a backup camera? Just got my...
  4. Custom Sub Box 08 Quad Cab

    Body & Interior
    So I didn't want to lose the storage space under my rear seats in my 08 Ram big horn quad can so I decided to do the math and work in creating a Sub box that fits underneath the front seats and have enough air space to operate. They're not finished but here is the progress so far. Tell me what...
  5. infinity stock sterio night mare help???

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    So my brother just bought a 97 Laramie 1500 5.9. Ok cool let's replace the stereo. Well got the deck in no problem but only tweeters working???v? Has anyone run across this and yes the wires are correct. It's the infinity stock speaker system in the truck.
  6. 2014 Ram Wiring Issue

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hello everybody. So a couple of months ago my TPMS lights started blinking and dinging in the dash sporadically. The problem went away but then came back last weekend. Then all of a sudden I started getting error codes to "service transmission, continue in drive", "service shifter", "service...
  7. Antenna base removal

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    I am looking to replace the base mount for my radio antenna. As I have never done this, and the only thing that came when I ordered a new one is the base (no adhesive/screws/etc) I am unsure as to how to remove it. Any ideas? What works or does not work? :4-dontknow: I know how to unscrew the...
  8. 3 way component speakers ??

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I've been comparing some of my speaker options and I ran across a 3 way component set by focal. I was just curious if anyone has went this route with their truck. I was going to mount the 6.5 in the normal speaker location and tweeter on the door and the 4 in mid in the dash. Just wanted to get...
  9. 2013 2500 SLT Aftermarket Radio Problem

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    So I recently bought a 2013 2500 SLT and am trying to install an aftermarket stereo. Really hoping someone on here can provide some assistance as I am lost. The truck came with the basic uconnect 3.0 radio and really doesn't have any upgrades or additional packages. The problem I am having is...
  10. Problems with my new Ram 2500

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi I have a ram 2500 deisel 2013 laramie. It only has 54,000 kms on it and Im having some troubles. 1st, a couple times a week when I go to start my truck it makes an awful noise and will not start. The noise sounds similiar to an older key ignition where if you turn the key when it is...
  11. What happens to vehicle settings with a new headunit

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I'm mostly asking out of curiosity but all those vehicle related settings found on the stock head unit seems like a pretty strongly integrated part of the stock head unit's functionality. So what happens when you replace the stock head unit? Experiences? Discuss.
  12. Best Double Din Head Unit

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I had a question on what everyone's favorite head unit was. I'm looking to purchase my girlfriend one for Christmas to go in her 05 Camry -- now hold on before you start pelting me with stones -- I know this is RamForumz, but double din head units are double din head units no...
  13. Ra1 pos

    4th Gen UConnect
    Hey guys, how's it going? I have a uC3.0 (AKA the RA1) radio in my 14 express. I have had a bit of trouble with it, finally have resorted to making an appointment with the dealer. Wanted to get a bit of input if anyone has experienced the same issue. About 2 months ago, the screen just went...
  14. 3rd GEN double din installed

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
  15. 8.4AN and JBL MS-8

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    So I've had my 1500 CC Laramie with the 3.0 diesel,for about two weeks. I traded out of a 2008 F250 with the 6.4 diesel and there is no comparison. My fuel savings are making half my payment, the truck certainly wasn't free, but cutting my fuel costs in half are huge, nearly $200 per month...
  16. "next track" voice command

    4th Gen UConnect
    Hey, does the "next track" voice command work for anyone in USB source mode or streaming bluetooth mode on the uConnect 5.0 system? It says it is a command in the uConnect 5.0 manual but even the dealer can't get it to work using multiple phones/iPods/thumb drives on several different Rams with...
  17. Stereo Upgrade

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Hey All, this is my first time joining a car forum. So this will be my very first post. I am going to be upgrading my deck in my '13 Tradesman. I went with the Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS, so I can use my iphone5 maps on the screen with appradio mode. I will be installing a front and rear camera on...
  18. stereo very low volume

    the stock stereo will only turn up a little bit. everything still functions fine but it is just quiet. all speakers work and are at the same volume. I pulled the unit out and didn't see any wire issues but also did not know what I was looking for, anyone else have a similar problem? thanks
  19. Double DIN Nav stereo

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I was just wondering what a good aftermarket unit is for the RAM. My GM truck had a huge hole in the dash and could actually put a 7" DD stereo in it with ease but my new 2011 (new to me) has the u-connect cd stereo in it but looks way too small for a 7" Kenwood DD. Any sugestions ?
  20. 2012 Ram Sub-woofer Issues

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    2012 Ram Crew Cab Sport with Alpine System. I had two JL W3's, with an Alpine 550 Mono amp, and an A-trend dual ten box installed today. I should be wowed considering I loved my JL W0's, but I have to say it sounds like Sh#t. Really muddy sound with a slight echo, and my subs are peaking in...