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  1. Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I got bored and figured my rim needed to be painted. I took some pics of the process. Went from ugly chipped flat black to new flat black lol. Enjoy! Last pic is still kinda wet so it looks blotchy!
  2. Dodge Ram Pictures - Photos
    My truck is moving along pretty nicely. I think it looks 100x better than stock. I'll show you the progress. Tell me what you think. UGLY(stock) PUT SOME NEW TIRES (BFG MT 265s) SOME MORE NEW TIRES (NITTO TERRAS 285s) AND HOW IT SITS RIGHT NOW (STOCK 20s ON 35" MICKEY THOMPSONS)
  3. Dodge Ram Pictures - Photos
    I gave my truck a quick rinse then while I was fishing, I figured it were a good time to snap a few shots. Tell me what you think. Mods are/// 35"/12.5"r20 Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ on stock 20's. Debadged. Sprayed tails and 3rd brake light. Let me know what yall think, and what should be next!!
1-3 of 3 Results