1. Truck Bed Speaker System

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a friend with speakers mounted under his toolbox in his truck bed for on the beach and things. I'm wondering if anyone knows a kit or set thats already made for this, waterproof and already set up, or if I'd have to custom do this job? Looking to Play some music real loud outside of the...
  2. Will a 12" sub work in the console of an 04?

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    I'm wanting to take out the bottom console of the front seat since I never use it and build a box for a 12" sub for it under the flip up console. I'm wondering if I can build a box big enough to give enough air space for a 12"? Also, before I decided to go with the 12, I asked the guy at Car...
  3. American Bass HD box questions

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    My friend just bought a 12in American Bass HD with an Audiopipe APK-2500 We're kinda stuck on box designs. We were told by some people at a shop that theres no "set" airspace for these subs. It's competition level so basically it's whatever you want. Has anyone every worked with these? We were...
  4. this would work right?. 6x9's on switches for different locations?

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    So my plan is to put these double toggle switches in line for my 6x9s so i can either have them behind my seats, off(never going to use but its in the switch) or at OTHER wires in my bed, (ill take the 6x9s out out put them in my bed). This way these wires wont be hot, and hitting stuff. this...
  5. PREVIOUS SETUP (evolution)(and possible future too)

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    This is what i had, well, still have, but not in my truck. its getting redone (you'll see why) I'll take you on through the evolution. This is what i started with. alpine stereo, Pioneer speakers, (I dont like alpine or pioneer but thats what i got.) Then lucky me i came in contact...
  6. Charging / Discharging capacitor help?

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    My friends S10 died awhile ago, they're now scrapping it. We plan to put his subs in his Taurus. My question is do i need to discharge the cap for removal? Then re-charge for installation? The S10 also hasn't been ran in while, so the cap might not be all the way full. subs? I get. I've never...
  7. engine noise playing through subs

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    So I put my subs in the bed of my truck while I'm building my new box. They start spazzing out and my friend realizes it's with the engine. Why? It's also happened with other subs I've put there before. I also took them out. Put them in my tonneau cover. Set them on the ground. By the bed...
  8. Need grounding help PLEASE

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    2001 Dodge Ram Sport Regular Cab I am building a new sub box and while doing so I am redoing all of my wiring to better locations. My current grounding location is terrible.(So terrible I'm not going to mention where) and I would like to ground it to somewhere better. My current thought is...
  9. Need sub help

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    So here's what I have: 2 10inch DVC memphis power reference subs SPL z2x-1600 amp. They are ran parallel bridged. They work perfectly and I couldn't ask for anything to work better. But here's the problem, my friend just bought 2 15in power reference SVC in one box with 2 chambers. with a...
  10. Need Ideas for sub boxes

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Hello I have a 2001 dodge ram extended cab and I was thinking about putting subs in my truck but I dont know where to put them.:4-dontknow: If anyone has pics of where you put your subs and amp I would love to see them! Also plz tell what kind of subs and amps you have (also speakers). Thanks
  11. Foxbox Sub Question!!!!!!!!!

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Just ordered my Foxbox 12" vented for my 2012 Ram. Just checking to see what everyone else has used for the subs. Leaning towards Fosgate T1 SPL's? Thanks everybody
  12. Dome light flickering!

    I recently have installed an after market stereo and two 10 in Memphis subs running on a 1600 watt amp. It doesn't have a capacitor. Just for information. But my real question is this: every time the bass hits. Or I have a decently loud constant bass going,the passenger side overhead dome light...
  13. Dome light flickering

    I recently have installed an after market stereo and two 10 in Memphis subs running on a 1600 watt amp. It doesn't have a capacitor. Just for information. But my real question is this: every time the bass hits. Or I have a decently loud constant bass going,the passenger side overhead dome light...
  14. Knappk6 Build thread

    Custom Dodge Ram - Complete Builds
    Alright guys i have been wanting to start a build thread for awhile to track the progress of my truck and now that i have had it for a year I have some decent Mods to put up here. This was the day I bought it. After having it for 2 months and missing my sound system I made a trip down...
  15. Dual Alpine Type R's under rear seat. Impossible??

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    First off this is my first thread so I'm still learning how to use everything. I love my two alpine type r subs but I'm not enough to have a box sitting in my truck taking up two seats. So i planned on having a custom box made to house them under the rear seats. Every stereo shop i called said...
  16. anyone upgrade the alpine sound system?

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    ive got the garmen 430n nav system with the alpine speaker upgrade in my 2012 ram quad cab. of course this system comes with that little subwoofer under the passenger rear seat. i have 2 10" kicker comp subs i took out of my 2005 ram and they are already in the box that fits perfectly under the...
  17. Big Weekend

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    I am heading down to my buddies place in Virginia Beach this weekend to install my system in my truck, FINALLY! I have 2 JL 10W1 v2 in a attrend under the seat box and a kenwood KVT-514 headunit to replace my stocker. I am also going to get my 2 front windows tinted and I am installing LED...
  18. What's everyone using for a subbox?

    2009 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey guys, first post here. I've got an 09 hemi pretty stock except for flowmaster 40 series, blacked out windows, hid's from 3bspec and a line-x. Looking to order a custom sub box for the rear seat, but they are so hard to find online. Most companies still haven't come up with an option yet...
  19. 08 Ram leveled Nitto Tires

    Dodge Ram Pictures - Photos
    Pics of my ram with only 305 50r20 terra grapplers i just ordered 295 60r20 which should bump me up to just below 35". Also pioneer head unit jl audio 500/1 watt amp custom box thats rhino lined with 2 10" planet audio subs. i had to put in a 2" seat lift in the back to fit the box