super 44

  1. true dual glass packs or flowmaster super 44?

    I cannot decide which would sound better on my 4.7l magnum true dualglasspacks or the single inlet dual outlet super 44 what do you guys think I want my exhaust to make a nice FRAP sounds if you know what I mean I want a deep tone but I want it to sound like I have headers running and I want it...
  2. Flowmaster Super 44 for 2013 Sport

    I apologize in advance if this has already been asked. Does anyone know if there is a Flowmaster Super 44 for the 2013 Sport 1500. If so, do you know the configuration and/or part number. I ran a search on their website and didn't come up with a good answer, just a form to fill out that says...
  3. First Mod Complete

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    So I've had my 2012 Express for 2 weeks now and have been pretty happy with it, the odometer now reads 210 miles. I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who takes part in making this site what it is, as I've learned a great deal about my truck on here in a short time. And as far as I can...