1. Lift kit advice

    Hey guys, I have a 2017 cummins and am doing my prelift research. I want 4-6 inches. I'm looking at the 4" Superlift with long arms. I hear very little about Superlift, so I'm hesitant. Most of my driving is highway (at 80-90 mph), so handling is important to me. I am not as worried about off...
  2. What setting for Bilstein with a 4" lift

    My 4" Superlift shows up monday and I want to get right to work but I have a question. In the instructions when it gets to setting up the Bilstein struts it doesn't say what slot to use there is only a parenthesis that says "(4" kits typically use the bottom groove.)" the instructions do say...
  3. Superlift with Bilstein experience?

    Does anyone have experience with Superlift + Bilsteins? I just ordered a 4" lift kit with bilstein struts from Superlift. I've read through the instructions a few times and the installation doesn't sound too intimidating (not my first lift) does anyone have any experience with these kits...
  4. Superlift vs BDS 4"Lift

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    Hey all - wanted to get opinions on Superlift vs BDS. The local dealer here is pushing BDS really hard and saying Superlift is crap. Spoke with another dealer and they said Superlift is great - same quality as BDS. I ordered a 4" Superlift kit for $1476 with Bilsteins - he is asking over $2k...