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  1. 5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Hi there, new to the forum.. im having a problem with my 2002 5.9 v8 auto tranny. i cant seem to find the problem with the temp gauge.. ive replaced water pump, thermostat, coolant resevoir, and i have no leaks. The problem mostly occurs going up hill. once i hit a hill no matter the size the...
  2. Heating & Cooling
    i have a 98 dodge ram my temp gauge is fluctuating up to 230 down to about 205 i also noticed when the gauge gos up if i hit the gas it would go down almost instantly also the heat will stay hot on low for about 10 mins but on high it will go cold. to get the heat to go hot again i would have to...
  3. 3.7L Slant 6 Specific Topics
    I have an '86 W100. I replaced the coolant temp sensor because the temp gauge was not working. Now it works, but only when the key is in the start position. It also has a searching idle, sometimes high, sometimes low, and backfires frequently when cold. All of this makes me think that the...
  4. LD RAM - General Discussion
    I have a '95 1500 5.2L 5-spd. Recently, I noticed that my temp gauge dos not respond. Sometimes when I turn on the truck, the needle will move up, but never past the 130 mark. But lately it doesn't move at all. Does anyone know how to fix this, or do I just need to get a new gauge?
1-4 of 4 Results