1. Cooling issues again.

    Heating & Cooling
    I have a 2012 1500 5.7l; I had major cooling issues last year almost to the day with over heating. The issue was very straight forward in symptoms and I was covered under a purchased warranty from the dealer not even a year before. When it over heated I was on the highway comming into town, it...
  2. Low Engine Temp

    Heating & Cooling
    I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi with 140,000 miles. It has never had a coolant flush. It recently began leaking around the thermostat housing. I replaced radiator hoses, heater hoses, thermostat housing and performed a coolant flush (Zerex g-05). I debated replacing the thermostat but...
  3. Temperature runs HOT unless heat is on HELP!

    Heating & Cooling
    Everything is new radiator, hoses, thermostat etc. Only the water pump is the original that came with the truck... NO leaks, coolant level is good. The truck runs HOT getting up to 250 degrees unless I keep my temperature dial to the max heat setting, even then it will stay around 205-215...
  4. Sold! New tyc e-fan and jet 180 t-stat

    Dodge Ram Parts and Accessories for Sale - Trade -
    I have a brand new in box tyc e-fan that is plug and play for 4th gen Rams. I am also including a brand new in box jet 180* thermostat. $150 shipped PayPal payment only
  5. Thermostat Installation/ over cooling

    Heating & Cooling
    I recently installed a new 195 thermostat which came included with a Hughes Plenum kit. Now my truck ('99 1500 5.9) only reaches an operating temp of 140 F. Dashboard gauge and infrared thermometer both read 140. When I was draining the coolant for the Plenum job it came out clean. Is...
  6. not heating up and shakeing at high speed

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Hi guys new on the fourum got a problem i just picked up a 97 ram 1500 5.9, a twin to my 97 1599 with a 5.2. heres the problem the 5.9 will not heat up past about 140-150 degrees i found out that recently the waterpump had been replaced with the tstat house and all lines and tstat the tstat...
  7. 2nd Gen 5.9L Overheating Issues 210^Fh

    Heating & Cooling
    Hi guys, 94 5.9L magnum has been overheating for some time now. I had initially thought that it was a clog in the radiator, but I've flushed it several times and have just taken it out and ran the garden hose through it, It didnt seem overly restricted. I've also put a "fail safe" thermostat in...
  8. thermostat

    5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Hi the factory thermostat on my 07 hemi has been sticking lately, and I'm thinking about replacing it with a 180 degree thermostat. My question is would it be safe to do that and if it is what brands do you recommend. I've heard that the 180 degree thermostat will increase hp.
  9. heater throws cool air; good thermostat whats next

    Heating & Cooling
    i just changed out my thermostat because I had no heat. Thought I would start there but it did nothing. Temp gauge is working fine. No leaks on my passenger side floor. I have a chk eng lite that went on but since my truck is a 95 the auto parts store can't diagnose anything older than a 96...
  10. Thermostat? What degree° are you using?

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    I have a 1996 Dodge Ram 5.9L 2 wheel drive 89000 miles with towing package... although I don't tow anything. What degree thermostat is everybody running in these engines? It looks like the factory stat was 195°? I just flushed the radiator and have new hoses including the "dreaded" by-pass...