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  1. 4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    I was replacing the timing chains on my 4.7 liter and I forgot to take the cam shaft bolts off before I took of the chains off. Is there any way I can get the cam bolts off? I've tried a 350 pound impact but I can't get it off. Any ideas? Also the engine is still in the truck. :doh:
  2. 4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    So, been trying to find the problem with this truck for a while now. Finally had time to take the valve covers off and have a look at the chains. Following the procedure in the Chrysler service manual I aligned the crank to TDC and had a look at the CAM sprockets. The V8 stamps are supposed to...
  3. 4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    Hello, I set the timing chains according to the many threads. When I rotate the engine the marks did not line up again. How many times do I have to rotate the engine before they will line up? Thanks. Eric
  4. 4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    Hello all, I consider myself a pretty handy mechanic on the industrial side. Granted most of our equipment is not as high tech as the Dodge 4.7. I rebuilt the engine 2 years ago. Replaced everything. The left timing chain broke. It appears to have been pulled apart at a master link and...
  5. 4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    hey fellas,what do you do when you get your timing chain cover off and reset to TDC and the plated links are not where they are supposed to be,,like a 100 degrees off counter-clockwise on the idler sprocket ?? are the plated links just a reference for a complete re-timing ?? my truck has never...
1-5 of 5 Results