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  1. Tire Fitment on Stock 20"s with a 2 inch lift and 2 inch spacers

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 with factory 20 inch chrome clad wheels on it. I am about to put a pair of Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks set to the 2 inch setting on the front and a pair of 2 inch blocks on the back to achieve a 2 inch overall lift. I would also like to put some 2 inch, hub...
  2. Max Tire Size for Stock Setup...

    Drive Line
    Noob here, so I apologize in advance if I placed this in the wrong thread. I have a 2014 1500 Tradesman 2WD 5.7 with a stock setup as far as suspension goes. I need to replace my tires before the wonderful Chicago winter hits, but I want to find a set that doesn't look like I have shopping cart...
  3. Leveling kit Tire Size

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I have a 2016 Dodge Ram 1500, I have a leveling kit on it and I was looking at getting 35x12.5 or 35x11 tires on it. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Tire Rub Question

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I have a 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 Outdoorsmen 4x4 with a leveling kit on it. I currently have the stock 33 tires on there. I am looking at getting the 33x12.5 tires to go on with the leveling kit, I have heard different things about it fitting without any rubbing. Anyone tried this already?
  5. Tire Size

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I have a 2016 Dodge Ram outdoorsman 4x4. It has a leveling kit on it with the stock 33inch tires on there now. I'm looking to go with the 33x12.5 tires with no lift just the leveling kit I have. Will there be any fender rub? I've heard mixed things from people. Thanks.
  6. Lift and tire size

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    If I lift my 2016 Ram 1500 outdoorsman 2.5 inches, is it possible to fit 35x12 tires on it? if not what size?
  7. Tire Size

    2016 Dodge Ram Forum
    I'm looking to possibly life my 2016 ram 1500 outdoorsman 2.5 inches, would I be able to fit 35x12 tires on my truck?
  8. 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport, max tire size

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey guys, im new to the forum, But not new to Dodge, on my 3rd ram truck. Im wondering what my max tire size will end up being, i have 285-70-17 all terrain tires on my ram with a positive off-set of 12. I have ordered 2.5 in bilsteins to level the truck off. what do you guys think my max tire...
  9. Tire Size/advice

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hello, I have a 2014 RAM 1500. Just installed a rough country 2.5" leveling kit on it last night and I'm looking for tires to fit my 20" rims any suggestions on what kind i should get? and would it look stupid if i kept the same stock size and only went more rugged? (stock size i have is...
  10. MPG with 35s ???!!??

    Dodge Ram 4x4 - Offroad Discussion
    What kind of mpg are you guys getting with 35s on stock 20s? I know mpg is goin to go down with a bigger tire just wanting to get an idea before I pull the trigger on new tires
  11. Tire Size With truck Leveled

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    I'm putting bilstein 5100's in the front on my 2014 ram 1500 express single cab short box, I'm thinking of setting them at 2.1" maybe 2.8" I'm not sure yet. I'm going to run 17x9 rims with -6mm offset. What would be the biggest tire I can run at 2.1" and the biggest if I set them too 2.8"?
  12. Tuner settings, throttle body? An tire question

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a bullydog GT-H+ tuner I bought from moes just wondering what I can set the Rpms to rev out at I've seen 5900 just want to make sure this is accurate. 2nd can any one tell me the difference between a throttle body an a spacer which is better an is it worth spending the money and 3rd I...
  13. 2014 stock 2500 4x4 max tire size

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    Hey guys, Im sure this ? gets asked all the time. I just ordered a Laramie with the cummins yesterday. it has the 18" rims ( I like a taller sidewall for ride comfort) and I opted for the on/off road tire option. Im considering getting some larger tires for it....Whats the largest tire I can...
  14. Leveling kits and tires on a 2014 2500 mega cab??

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Has any one done a kit on a 2014 2500 yet? do you know what's the biggest tire I could put on after with the stock 18" rims? id like to have at least a 34" tire on there. I want to go with the Goodyear wranglers dura tracks. maybe a 325/65/18...
  15. Max tire size

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    I have a 2012 Ram Big Horn with a ready lift 2" leveling kit installed. What is the biggest size Nitto's that will fit without rubbing? I've heard 35's will but I want to hear it from someone who maybe has this setup. Thinking about the Monster Energy wheels with the nitto mud grapplers...
  16. Lift/level

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Would someone please educate me on the pros and cons of a level vs lifting on a 2010 1500. What are the "DO's and Dont's", what brands/kits do you recommend for the best prices and any other info that is a need to know about this. ALSO I have 20" wheels and would like to stay with 20" wheels...
  17. Tire Help Please?

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Magnum. Stock tires are 275/60R20. I want to put 35s on, I lifted the truck the 2 inches with the torsion bars already, I am wondering if they will fit without other mods. I woke up this morning and my front passenger is totally flat. =/ quick help would be...
  18. Trx4 lift

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    Hi guys I got a 2010 trx4 if I put a 1.5 inch Body lift and a 1.5 level will I be able To fit 325/65r18.will the 1.5 level Be to much angle for my cvs.what Would be a good offset for my rims Thanks Shawn
  19. leveling kits

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    hey guys first post here, love this site lots of rams out there great knowlage from people, im about to get my wheels and tires for me 12 ram laramie, also putting on 2.5"-1" trailmaster leveling kit in to ole Betty, just wondering on everyone elses experience seen lots of guys going with...
  20. Changing tire sizes- general grabber at2

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I just installed a 2" leveling kit and it actually lifted 3-1/4". My front end is 1/2" higher than my rear and am wondering if i can put a 35x12.5x20 general grabber at2 to replace the 275/60R20 Bstone dueler hl alenza (stock). They are listed at 33" diameter. I am looking for anything from...