1. Michelin LTX A/T2 vs Toyo Open Country AT II

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I have a 2013 Ram Laramie Longhorn. 53k miles and I am dire need for tires. I have the original goodyear's that came with the truck and they look horrible right now. I am looking at the Michelin LTX A/T2 and the Toyo Open Country AT II. They are similar in price so I am not worried about that...
  2. 4 gen wheel help

    Custom Exterior Modifications - Body Mods & Kits
    I have a 2014 ram 1500 with 18x9 rims. I'm interested in getting mud tires. I currently have terra grapplers on it now. What's the tallest/widest I can run with a leveling kit?
  3. Wheels and Tires for sale!**BRAND NEW**

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    Im selling my brand new wheels and tires. They are Fuel Hostage 20x10 -24 offset and 5x5.5 bolt pattern with 4.5" bs. They are wrapped in 35"x12.5 federals. I decided to not go with a lift kit so thats why I'm selling them. Asking $2000. Located in Michigan. Pick up only or can meet up
  4. Wheels and tires for 3500 4x4

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I have a 2013 Ram 3500, 4x4 Crew Cab Long bed. I use the truck for towing a fifth whell so I do not want to lift it or impact towing capacity. What will fit in terms of bigger wheels and tires? I'd like something a little bigger and better for dirt. Any suggestions? Anyone have pictures of their...
  5. Will 35's fit with offset and lift??

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    Hey guys, Im sure there is a post within a post of a thread somewhere with the answer im looking for but no such luck on finding, so here it is! I have a 2013 RAM 1500 QC 2wd with a 4" CST spindle front and icon 1.5" coils rear. I had a 2.5 level when i got my current wheels and tires setup...
  6. For Sale 22" Rockstar wheels w/ Nitto 420's

    Dodge Ram Parts and Accessories for Sale - Trade -
    Selling PERFECT condition 22" Rockstar wheels with 305/45/22 Nitto 420's only used for April 2014 - September 2014.. Pictures show it Not a Scratch Never seen salt Perfect condition wheels and tires Only used for 5 months Wheels are XD775 Rockstars 22 x 9.5 +12mm Offset Tires are Nitto...
  7. Snow Bunny

    Snow Bunny

  8. Wheel and Tire Question

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    Currently I have 20 inch stock wheels and tires on my 2011 Ram 1500. I am looking to give my truck a more aggressive look. The truck has a 1.5" leveling kit. I was thinking that going with a 17'' wheel and an aggressive offroad tire would look sick. However, I would like for the tire size to...
  9. Leveled Express with 34" Tires

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Decided it was finally time to get some new tires and level my truck. Went with Fat Bob's Garage 2" level and Firestone Destination MT's 275/65R20. The pictures don't really do justice to how thick and aggressive the tires look in person. Tint and a 42" curved light bar to come wednesday.
  10. Wheels and tires 4th gen 2500

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I have a 4th gen 2500 and I'm going to be buying 20x9 fuel hostage 3's. I'm looking to stay around 33"-35" and between 275-295mm in width. I drive 90% on pavement and live in the snow belt of Ohio so I need a good snow tire. I like an aggressive AT tire that has good on road manors. Also looking...
  11. Need help with tires

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I'm new to the site but would love any suggestions for my 2014 Ram 1500. Planning on putting aftermarket wheels and tires this next week. I have a 2.5 in level kit. Do I wanna go with a 35 in tire or a 33? Thanks!
  12. 275/40/20 Hankook Tires

    275/40/20 Hankook Tires

    I decided to put sportier tires on my truck.
  13. Help with tires!?!

    Dodge Ram 4x4 - Offroad Discussion
    So I'm new to everything truck/off-roading. I would like to get some nice beefy tires about 33 inches to throw on my 20 inch stock rims. I know you do not need special tires to drive on sand, but anything that'll make it easier for me is better. I'm getting stuck from the harsh winter this year...
  14. How WIDE can I go with no lift?

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    Hey folks. I know some of you will cringe at this question but I'd just like to know a few things about how wide of a stance I can get on my 2014 Ram 1500 4x4 without lifting my truck. I wont be lifting OR levelling for this setup and I want a low & wide stance for my truck that won't cause...
  15. 17" vs. 20" rim & tire size question.

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    So my 2014 Ram came stock with 20" rims. Don't get me wrong, I love big beautiful rims, but I love saving money even more, which is why I'm thinking when it comes time to get new tires I might just get some 17" XD rims and save myself some money in the long run by buying 17" sized tires. But...
  16. 2014 Speedometer Calibration

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey guys, first post here. Wondering if anyone has had luck calibrating their speedometer for a larger tire size on a 2014 Ram 1500. I am thinking about adding 20x9 wheels with 35x12.50xR20 Nitto Trail Grappler tires. The dealer said the 2014's are completely different than older models and...
  17. Drop 20's to 17s

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    Is anyone running 295 70 17 on after market rims? Was looking to lose my 20's and drop to 17's. If you have similar set up post pic
  18. New and need help

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2014 Ram 1500 with 2 in front leveling kit. I am wanting to know will it fit 12.50 width tires. If not what is the widest it can be. I have stock 20in rims and want to keep them. Any information will help thanks.
  19. How much you think my truck is worth

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey guys & gals. Like the title says I'm wondering how much this truck could go for on the streets. K&n cold air, bds 4 inch lift, brand new duratracs 325/65r18 (35s), 18 inch rbp rims(5000km), magnafllow exhaust with chrome tips, sport edition leather sunroof alpine system etc. Debadged, all...
  20. Looking for a tire recommendation

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I am currently looking to buy a new set of tires for my 2011 Ram. I have stock tires and rims currently and am pretty fed up with these stock tires. I am looking to get a new set of tires in the 275/60R20 size and am looking at getting either Nitto Crossteks or the Wild Country XTX sport...