1. Factory tow vs after market

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    What is all affected if a 2019 does not come with the factory tow package but has the factory controller installed after? I believe it won’t have the tow mirrors but is there anything else?
  2. Working tuners and best rated

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey there i have a 2013 ram 1500 with the 4.7L magnumengine and am lookin for a litte extra juice for the motor to be able to pull our trailer as well as better economy without. I believe i want a tuner and was wondering what brands work good cuz i cant find any superchips one for my year? Also...
  3. 2013-2018 Ram 2500 Truck textured black flip-up towing mirror set

    1A Auto - Quality Auto Parts
    Upgrade your Ram 2500’s tow mirrors with this pair from Trail Ridge. Features include: Mirror Set Includes: (1) Passenger Side Mirror (1) Driver Side Mirror Mirror Operation: Manual Mirror Type: Towing Mirror Extension Type: Flip-Up Mirror Temperature Sensor: Driver Side Temperature Sensor...
  4. Rate My (Proposed) Rig

    I am in the market for a RV Travel Trailer and am looking for any/all feedback as to towability. In addition, I welcome suggestions pertaining to Weight Distributing Hitch brand or any other mods (i.e. springs, aribags, tires, etc.) for my proposed application. My primary concern here (and the...
  5. Help deciding gear swap or not.

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have been reading around on the forum for a few days now and even some youtube channels/vids to see if it is worth $800ish dollars for a gear swap from 3.55s to 4.10s. Some say HELL YEAH, some say NOT NOTICEABLE... I have a 2013 RAM 1500 2WD QC Express with 5.7 65RFE and 3.55 rear...
  6. Automatic side view mirror swap

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    Recently upgraded to a 2015 Outdoorsman that came w/the trailer tow mirror and brake control group. I thought this was great, because I tow quite a bit and the tow mirrors make it much easier to see my trailer, boat, etc. The downside - the trailer tow mirrors aren't "power fold-away", and are...
  7. Rear air bags

    I have seen alot of questions concerning the addition of rear air bags to take some of the sag out of the truck when loaded and/or pulling a trailer. I have a 33' camp trailer with a loaded weight of 7020#. With the equalizer hitch I adjusted to get the maximum height at the rear of the truck. I...
  8. First big tow.

    Did my first heavy load with my 2012 4x4 outdoorsman today. 8000#'s, 135miles, cruise set at 70mph. Left it in 4th with tow/haul on. Was very pleased with the power available:smileup:. Did have a good bit of squat to it but the ride was not bad at all:tit:. Temps were low 200's for water, 231...
  9. Tow/Haul with level

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    So after doing a bunch of reading I've decided to just crank the torsion keys on my 03 1500. Is that going to make it squirrely when I try to tow/haul since I am taking some of the rake out of it? Would adding 1in blocks to the rear help solve the problem. Also where would a guy go to find...