1. Code P0658

    2016 Dodge Ram Forum
    My 16 ram 1500 slt 4x4 threw code p0658 and left me stranded at a friend's house, i disconnected the battery for 5 minutes and reconnected and cleared codes, worked fine that night. The next morning I went to go to work and it popped up again and didn't reset after hrs of being disconnected. The...
  2. Surging/Flapping Sound from Heater

    Heating & Cooling
    1998 Ram 1500, 5.2L, 210k miles The temp gauge on the dash goes from 210 to 280 very quickly. Usually at 260, and by 280, there is a big noise from behind the glove box. The noise is hard to explain. It sounds like water surging through the heater core, and/or something flapping. It lasts...
  3. OEM backup camera install gone wrong

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    So I installed the OEM backup camera yesterday and everything went according to plan. Or so I thought. I followed the directions and when I reconnected the negative battery cable and turned the key to "on" all hell broke loose. There was a continuous clicking sound coming from beneath the...
  4. left axle seal replacement and subsequent intermedate axle insertion

    5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    Howdy forum I have a 1994 1500 4x4 that needed axle seals replaced. The Left side required removal of the carrier bearing to access the seal... removal of the carrier required the intermediate axle be removed. The left seal was installed, the carrier bearing put back in place and...
  5. Uconnect rearview mirror problem.

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hi everyone, I have a big horn (bought off a private party) that had the windshield and rear view mirror replaced. Neither one is OEM. Took me awhile to figure out why my uconnect blue tooth part never worked. I can hear the caller but they cant hear me (turns out the mic is in the factory...
  6. HID's - Driver side quit working

    Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Lighting
    I've had a set of Retro-Solution's HID's on my 2011 Ram Sport for about 3 years. Recently my driver side low beam changed to a yellowish color(for about a week), then last week it went off and won't turn back on. I plan to switch the ballasts(left and right) and see if the ballast is in...
  7. What is this hose/tube?

    4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    I was repairing and tuning up some minor issues in my truck then noticed the hose in the picture I have attached was not plugged into anything. It is not in my repair manual nor can I find any information. Do you know what this goes to? Thank you for helping!