turn signal problem

  1. 04 1500 Lamp Out AGAIN

    Front left turn signal bulb out - new aftermarket lamp assembly about 3 mos ago, awesome fit, look, "direct OEM replacement" fine until couple days ago. The inner reflector post melted, touched bulb and bulb blew. No Prob, got a set of Sylvania LED 3157A, no heat to worry about - changed pass...
  2. Turn signal inop/ left shows right signal

    Hey I'm a newbie here. I have Had my first Dodge truck since May of 2013. 07 Ram 1500 mega cab 4x4. I have a question when I go to activate my left turn signal the right comes on. I have to keep canceling it till it works. Also when I go to use the Hazards only one will blink ( usually the...
  3. Turn signal and windshield wipers won't work

    I recently bought a 2000 dodge ram 1500 5.2 L the problem is that the windshield wipers won't turn on at all, yesterday my turn signals gave out, but the hazard lights work, which relay is the relay for the turn signals, I couldn't find any. I asked at Advances auto parts and they told me it was...