uconnect 3.0

  1. Uconnect 3.0 Bluetooth?

    Hi I have a 2015 ram 1500 with the uconnect 3.0 and I just have a simple question am I able to connect my phone with it via Bluetooth? There is no phone icon anywhere in the car it’s the 3.0 and has the 4line text I can connect it using a usb cable to stream music but is there even a Bluetooth...
  2. Has anyone tried this - would it work?

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    So I have the 3.0 Uconnect...but in my center compartment I have the spot where I can connect media via USB. What would happen if I attached a bluetooth USB dongle there and paired it with my phone? I was looking for a way to wirelessley use iHeartRadio/Pandora/Spotify without a bunch of...
  3. Upgrade from 3.0 (ra1) to uconnect 5.0 (ra2)

    4th Gen UConnect
    Hello Recently I upgrade from the basic radio 3.0 to the touchscreen uconnect 5.0. Everything was easy, plug and play, however the compass didn't work, (which I don't mind) I am able to pair my iphone via bluetooth, stream music, listen to incoming messages, Incoming calls, can answer the...
  4. Ra1 pos

    4th Gen UConnect
    Hey guys, how's it going? I have a uC3.0 (AKA the RA1) radio in my 14 express. I have had a bit of trouble with it, finally have resorted to making an appointment with the dealer. Wanted to get a bit of input if anyone has experienced the same issue. About 2 months ago, the screen just went...