1. Problem regarding USB port

    5th Generation Dodge Ram - 2019+ Trucks
    I am owning a Ram 1500 limited 2019 model. When I connect my android phone on to the USB port, it works fine with Androidauto, but when I connect any other electronic, like other phone or diffuser, it stops working. Has any of you got struck with a similar problem? Please help me out. Thank you.
  2. Anyone have trouble with their shuffle command?

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2015 Tradesman 4X4 with the basic AM/FM USB stereo. When I put a USB stick with 325 individual songs in the port and set the shuffle command, it will play 15 to 20 songs and the repeat a song it has already played. I thought it should play all 325 in random order before it repeats ...
  3. Problem After upgrading firmware on RA1 Uconnect 3.0 Radio on 2013 Ram 1500

    4th Gen UConnect
    So this is my first post here as I am a new owner of a new to me 2013 ram 1500. I've owned this truck for about a month now. I've been getting everything set up on the mopar owners site and last night I noticed the links over to the uconnect site. I hopped over there and noticed a check vin for...
  4. USB port issues

    2016 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey everyone--so both the center console and dash USB ports in my Ram 1500 decided to stop working. I've swapped out cables and phones but nothing works. I cant get a charge or play music from them. Anyone have anything similar happen to them or have any fixes ?
  5. "NO USB INSERTED" at ignition on

    4th Gen UConnect
    2015 Ram with the 5.0 system, upgraded to latest software version (07.03.05). I haven't previously used the USB port to play music, but an impending road trip has got me thinking about trying it. With the ignition on, I can plug a USB (formatted to FAT32) into the USB slot in the center...
  6. 8.4AN USB or SD card media question

    2015 Dodge Ram Forum
    My ordered truck should be arriving at the dealer in about a week, and I'm gearing up for the 350 mile drive home. Does the 8.4AN radio show the album art when playing music from an SD card or USB thumb drive? I ask because I have a choice between two methods of copying my .mp3 files to the...
  7. Has anyone tried this - would it work?

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    So I have the 3.0 Uconnect...but in my center compartment I have the spot where I can connect media via USB. What would happen if I attached a bluetooth USB dongle there and paired it with my phone? I was looking for a way to wirelessley use iHeartRadio/Pandora/Spotify without a bunch of...
  8. Media Center 130 w/Glove Box USB

    Hey guys -- I just bought a 2011 Ram 1500 Crew Cab with the Media Center 130 and UConnect including the Glove Box USB port. I have a couple of newbish questions that my searches have not answered. I have a Zune and am not surprised that it does not work with the USB port. My previous...
  9. No USB in glove box

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey everyone, I have a 2011 with the Media Center 130 (Sales code RES+RSC) radio but I don't have the USB port in the glove box. Is this an option? From reading the owners manual it lead me to believe I should have it...?