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  1. Custom Modifications- Interior & Exterior Body
    I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 that I bought new leather seats for with heat and ventilation. I got the seats in just fine, but the wiring diagrams are a bit of a mess from what I can find. I haven’t been able to find the right pinouts for certain components. The truck originally only had power...
  2. 2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    It doesn't feel like the drivers seat cooling system is working. Any suggestions on how to test or what to look at? A search didn't find anything relevant.
  3. 2009 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hey guys, first post here and going to be getting a few pics up ASAP! I've found one other post with this problem but no follow up on what happened. My '09 Ram's ventilated seats shut off after about 15 seconds (and I don't really feel them working in that time). Tried it with the A/C on, A/C...
1-3 of 3 Results