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  1. 5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    Hello so I recently purchased a 01 ram 1500 with 4" lift kit.only when in 4 wheel drive will the entire truck vibrate! I had the front u joint blow part on me the other day. That and the gear box has since been replaced and I can't figure out this horrible thing. Is it because of the angle? I'm...
  2. 5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    i just bought a 2006 hemi with 230,000km on it and when i go about a 1/4 throttle there is a whinning noise and a slight but steady viberation on the peddle. any thoughts on what this could be? im thinking maybe the alternator but all the power to lights and all is fine. thanks for any tips!
1-2 of 2 Results