1. Volant Powercore Cold Air Intake 03-08 1500 5.7 *Like New*

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    Selling my Volant #168576 cold air kit which is in near new condition. This kit has the Donaldson Powercore filter. I am also including the pre filter sock that was used since new. Everything is in perfect condition and the filter is still perfectly clean because of the pre filter. Only used for...
  2. best CAI for the $$$?

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    Ok so ive been searching on here for the best cold air intake and have heard many good things about the Volant. question is is it worth $300 when i can get a Spectre for $125. Another question i havent found answered on here is will they work with a body lift? many of them are ment to just plug...
  3. I think my CAI is junk

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    Installed a Volant CAI on my 2012 BigHorn at around 200 miles. The first 1,000 miles, I noticed that my mileage actually dropped and I was lucky to pull 17 MPG going down the interestate. Those first 200 miles my truck said it was doing 19 and the CAI is the first thing I changed. In between, I...
  4. Volant CAI

    I have just gotten my CAI and boy does it really growl when I floor it! That seems to be the only increase but im somewhat perfectly satisfied. I'm wondering if any companies make a Mass Air Flow Sensor so I can really squeeze out the power of my new beauty! Here's my list of pros and cons but...
  5. Vararam or Volant

    Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7 Hemi V8
    A buddy highly recommends the Volant CAI, but the more I have been reading it sounds like the Vararam might be the way to go. Has anybody done installed either one? The Volant appears pretty straight forward and the Vararam might be more difficult. Is the performance of the Vararam worth the...
  6. Glorious sounds of barking tires, high revs, and moaning women

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    Not to brag but I accomplished all 3 today Installed the volant cai, sounds beautiful especially with the mufflex 14 took my girl for a ride and the trifecta of sounds began.
  7. Installed aFe Stage 2 Intake w/Pictures

    Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7 Hemi V8
    I installed an aFe Stage 2 on my R/T tonight and I really like it! I paid $276 for it, it fits great, took about an hour to install, and it sounds great at WOT. One thing to note, on the hose to the crank case, a clamp wasn't included so I added my own, you can see it in my pictures.
  8. Airaid, Volant, or aFe Stage 2 intake?

    Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7 Hemi V8
    I'm having trouble deciding what intake I want. I'm nervous about getting the Volant cause of the hole in the bottom for the scoop and the price! I'm also nervous about the aFe stage 2 because I haven't seen a picture of it assembled. As for the Airaid, somehow I'm just not quite satisfied with...
  9. New Cold Air Intake System

    2009 Dodge Ram Forum
    I just purchased an AEM Brute Force CAI. I got a hell of a deal on it at, & it just shipped today, but I was really unsure about getting that one or a Volant or a K&N... Any thoughts on the others & how they have performed, & has any one heard anything about the...