voltage regulator

  1. Inconsistant voltage reading

    For about the past 2 -3 weeks I have been having a problem with the electrical system in my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500. The voltage reading on the voltage gauge varies: Normal: needle straight up and down and center on the gauge, Low: needle off to the left toward "L" and finally None: needle rests on...
  2. 93 w350 voltage regulator / ecm location

    Can anyone tell me where the voltage regulator and or ecm is located on 93 w350. I have read that some have an external one, and also that the ecm is what regulates the voltage. I just replaced the engine speed sensor, hoping it would fix my tach gauge, and voltage drop issue, but it didn't, so...
  3. Voltage regulator?

    Hello. I have a 2005 Ram 1500 SLT HEMI. It wouldn't start this morning(wouldn't turn over, solenoid just chattered) It was very cold here -35C, -45C with windchill. The battery was frozen. I put a new battery in and it started and i let it run for about 20min. I put a voltmeter on the battery...