warranty issues

  1. Beware of the problematic 5.7L Hemi Engines!

    Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    We bought a new 2013 Ram 1500 Sport with the 5.7L Hemi engine at Mountain View Dodge in Olds, Alberta. At around 50,000km a ticking sound appeared but when we took the truck in to Mountain View, the service department claimed they couldn’t hear a tick. Same thing the next time we brought the...
  2. Dodge Dealerships Attempting to Profit from the Infamous Hemi Tick

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Mountain View Dodge, Olds Alberta Anyone have a Dodge dealership pretend they’re not aware of the infamous “Hemi Tick“? Mountain View Dodge in Olds AB denied they could even hear a tick the first two times we brought our 2013 Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi in for service because of it. Then when they...
  3. 2015 Ram V6 Pentastar Engine problems...eventually resolved...maybe

    3.6L (220 cu in) Pentastar V6 Specific Topics
    I hope this information helps others with similar problems! I am an owner of a 2015 Ram 1500 Big Horn pickup with a V6 Pentastar engine. I purchased it new and now have about 109,000 miles when I started to experience engine problems. I put approximately 150 highway miles per day and I...
  4. 99K Check up

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    So my tick in the last month kept getting louder and my gas mileage plummeting. I dragged in into the dealership for my final hurrah for my warranty. Turns out I had a blown pin and cylinder with not a single engine error. Well after 3 weeks at the dealer they tell me that the new engine will...
  5. 2014 Ram Rocker panels fading - clear coat coming off

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    I bought my 2014 Ram 1500 Express new in December of 2014, so it's a little over a year old. Love everything about the truck, I've been a Dodge guy forever. One issue I noticed when I washed it yesterday, the rockers appear to be getting sandblasted by the front tire. The clear coat appears to...
  6. 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 hemp transmission issues

    Dodge Ram Warranty Issues
    Hello all! I am here to get some feedback from anyone who may be able to help! I bought my truck brand new from a well known dealer in Seminole Florida. I must say I absolutely love my truck however it has been in and out of the dealerships shop that I purchased it from 8 times! The transmission...
  7. Rust Warranty Question

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Does anyone know what types of rust issues are covered under warranty? My 2012 Ram Laramie Longhorn side steps have disconnected from the body of the truck due to rust. I am waiting for the dealership to open in my area to call and make an appointment but figured I would see if anybody here had...
  8. Blown Motor Not Covered Under Warranty

    Dodge Power Wagon
    I apologize for the length of this, which is my first post other than checking in, but I wanted to be accurate with the details of my story so that my frustration is conveyed and I do not forget to mention anything. I am looking for suggestions regarding the next steps to take and anything I...
  9. Transmission woes

    5.7L (345 cu in) HEMI V8 Specific Topics
    I bought my 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 with the Hemi in February 2011. From new there was a noise under certain conditions which being a 4x4 newbie I thought was normal when driving in 2 wheel drive. In August 2013 A friend said that is not normal and sounds like the transmission gears are not...
  10. Detectable Preformance Chips!

    Diablo Predator Questions & Info!
    With the Diablo Predator if you reset factory setting can your dealership still tell that you installed a chip when you take it in for maintenance? I want to buy one but if it voids my 5 Year warranty then its not worth the risk. thanks