1. 1995 Dodge Ram bigger wheels

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I put on some bigger wheels and tires today. I put on 285/55/R20. I have a problem with rubbing on both wheel wells when I turn the wheel really far. Would a 2” leveling kit get rid of my problem? I will also mention that I did some trimming it helped but didn’t get rid of my problem as the...
  2. Five tire rotation

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    Simple question: 2015 Ram 1500 4wd with 17x8" alloy wheels. Time to buy tires again coming up, if I get a matching wheel for my spare so I can do 5 tire rotations will that wheel fit properly in the spare location? (I'm not asking about tire diameter fitment I mean the wheel itself...
  3. Need help with wheel decision. Fuel v. Hostile

    Custom Chassis - Drive Line, Suspension - Lifting
    I know these look pretty similar but my decision is down to these two rims. It looks like the Mavericks are a little more common which is good and bad. I like the slight concavity of the Hostile spokes... Which would you choose for a black RAM1500 with a 2.1" Bilstein level? Wheels will be 10x20...
  4. Wheel studs snapped off

    5.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Hi all, new to this forum so forgive me if this isn't the right place to post. I have a 2003 Ram 1500 4WD (IFS). Last week I was pulling into a parking bay at the supermarket, and suddenly my wheel came off. All 5 studs had snapped, but I could only find 2. So maybe the others snapped off...
  5. Any issues with these wheels? XD813 Battalions

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    We're looking at replacing the stock 20" chrome wheels on our 2011 Sport Quad cab, since the chrome is starting to flake. These XD813 Battalions are what we are considering: LINK Doubt we'll order from TireRack, since we're in Canada, but I should find someone who can get them. Any issues...
  6. I need OEM Tire Identification Help Please

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I have a 2008 Dodge RAM 1500 ST Regular Cab that I bought used. I'm need new tires and was wondering what brand and model tire came on it to start with. Does any one know how I can find out? When I bought it the wheels and tires that were on it were not the originals. It had after market...
  7. Plasti Dip wheels and bumpers

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2012 mineral gray crew cab. It has the stainless bumpers and nerf bars. I plan on plasti dipping the wheels soon and was thinking about doing the bumpers and step bar too. Has anyone done this? Was hoping to see some pics or get further suggestions before getting out the spray. Thanks!
  8. Another broke wheel hub

    A few days ago the passenger side front wheel hub finally broke. It broke completely in two and i bought a new Raybestos wheel hub. I finally got it on two days ago and was fine for a few days but as I was backing out of the driveway today i heard a snap and the new hub broke in the same spot...
  9. After market wheels

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I had the wheels rotated on my pickup but someone didn't torq the lug nuts and one rim has egged out the holes. I am hoping someone here has a some idea where I could find a discontinued American Racing wheel named diamond back, #117 in a 16x8 with a 5x5.5 bolt pattern. My son loves the look of...
  10. add steering wheel volume control

    Custom Modifications- Audio & Video
    Anyone have any idea how to add steering wheel volume control to a 2013 SLT with the uConnect 5.0 stereo system? The steering wheel has the punch-outs for volume control on the rear of the wheel. There was some talk about doing this on another forum and all that has been suggested is replacing...
  11. Another Tire Post

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I know there's probably 1,000s of tire posts on here but just a quick question here to save me from trying to find an answer: I need to buy new tires and I'm debating a 4" lift on my truck. Only way I will do it is if I can find a nice tire. The problem is I have the 20" OE wheels (20x8 I...
  12. Mr. Wheel Deal

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    Hello all... Has anyone dealt with Mr. Wheel Deal dot com? His prices are much much cheaper that other tire/wheel dot com's. Lots of great reviews on his site, just wondering if anyone here has dealt with him. Canadian prices for the same gear I am looking at through him at are nuts! Love...
  13. Rims and tires?

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    I have an 05 quad cab and i need to replace the tires. This is a "new to me" truck and I know there have been some mods including the 20" rims. The door specs says it was built with 17". First question is...has any one had any problems going from 17 to 20? I seem to have a "Bounce" for lack...
  14. -----NITTO Trail Grappler Tire Question-----

    Dodge Ram Wheels And Tires
    Is anyone running perfect tread with the Nitto Trail Grappler LT295/70R18E (max. 4080lbs @ 80psi) daily city/highway driving? Currently running 50psi front tires @ hot and 40psi @ hot in rear. Seems to be wearing equal :4-dontknow: Had the tires roughly for two weeks now.
  15. Wheel/Brake Noise

    4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    Hey Everyone, New to the forum, and have a question I would love to get an answer or even ideas on. I have an '06 Ram, and there is a pretty loud, and annoying, squeal coming from what sounds like the front drivers side. When I apply the brakes, it almost goes away completely. The faster I am...