1. driver door module

    Gen 4 Dodge Ram
    so i left my window down one night and it rained. next day i could put my window up but the buttons have stopped working since. my back windows will go up and down but the front 2 windows, door lock and mirror controls all don't work. i replaced the module inside the door i replaced the button...
  2. Squeeeeaky driver's window

    Body & Interior
    2 days into a 2-week vacaction, the driver's window on my truck starts making a loud squeeeeeak going up or down. It almost sounds like it might be the glass against hard rubber, but I can't be positive; it sounds like it may be coming from the front edge. It doesn't do it 100% of the time...
  3. 1990 Dodge Ram power windows

    Hello all, new to the forums here. I recently purchased a 1990 Dodge Ram W150. Since I have had it, the passenger window has never rolled down, and the driver's side window only has worked on occasion. Recently the window had been working more consistently, rolling up and down when I needed...
  4. Disabling Express Window Feature

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    I have a 2010 TRX4 with two FOBs; one doesn't automatically roll down the windows and the second does. I want to be able to use the second FOB. How can it be reprogrammed to not automatically roll down the windows? There's no explanation in the owner's manual or user guide on how to do this. The...
  5. Put some sunglasses on her!

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Finally got the windows tinted yesterday after going nearly 4 years with no tint at all. Still waiting another 2 weeks or so for all the moisture under the film to cook out, but the heat difference is noticeable right away. I never planned to do tint but when we got the Durango (used) it came...
  6. Manual to Power Window Conversion

    2014 Dodge Ram Forum
    So I've been gone for a while... Bought a motorcycle and started a new job, but I've got some plans for the Ram this summer, so I'll be back. :smileup: I bought this Manual to Power Window Conversion Kit off of Amazon, as well as all the tools to install it, like 3 months after I got the truck...
  7. Driver window switch faulty?

    2012 Dodge Ram Forum
    Ok bought my truck yesterday and noticed the Auto down didnt work on the Drivers door only, no big deal. Today went to roll it down and suddenly it doesnt work at all, would this be an issue with the switch itself since there was partial functionality?
  8. Big Electrical Problems!

    2000 Ram 3500. Truck was running fine got out to check the tires. When I got back in the windows would not let up or down, no sound from the stereo,transmission would not shift . Had to manually go through the gears and the torque converter would not lock.. Dealer been unable to find the...
  9. Window and engine problem

    2013 Dodge Ram Forum
    Hello, I'm having problems with my windows whenever I lower and raise them they squeak like if they were dry and lately my hemi has been doing a humming noise like if theres a dry gear running not sure if it's the transmission and to switch gears it's impossible to get to reverse I gotta...
  10. Power Stays on Car turn off

    I can turn the truck off, open and shut doors and windows are still able to be rolled up and down with truck off, which is in turn causing my battery to die, what is the problem HELP!!!!!
  11. windows don't work

    Hi, my dad has an 04 1 ton and his power windows only work with the drivers controls. The dealer told him that the design of the window lock allows dirt and dust to get in it causing the window lock to engage. Can anyone tell me if this is true or shed some more light on it?
  12. Need help with power windows

    4.7L PowerTech V8 Specific Topics
    OK so my power windows stoped working on my 2002 ram 1500 quad cab. The only way i can get the windows to roll down or up is to control it from the driver side. Im lost and need help, i have changed the fuses and its not on window lock and they still dont work. Does anyone know why and how i can...
  13. Windows rolled down and remote start disabled

    2011 Dodge Ram Forum
    So I left my 2011 dodge ram crew cab unlocked for about 20 minutes at the house. When I came back outside the front windows were rolled halfway down and the message on the dash said " remote start disabled, start to reset". I know the windows can be rolled down by pressing the unlock button...
  14. Window Problems

    I'm having problems with my 2007 Dodge Ram windows. The main switch will roll my window up and down with no problem, however it will not roll down any of the other windows but it will roll them up. The passenger swich works fine. The rear driver side will not roll the window up or down. The rear...
  15. Keyless Entry and Window Rolldown

    2010 Dodge Ram Forum
    Last weekend I was loading things in the back of my truck and as I was leaning over the tailgate my keyless remote was pressed. This happens every now and then. This time the car unlocked and the front windows rolled down 1/2 way. I tried and tried but could not figure out how to repeat it...
  16. Power Windows

    2006 Dodge Ram Quad Cab All the power windows suddenly stopped working today (including the rear slider). I have checked all the fuses, and tested the driver side switch panel on another truck (it works!). Are there any hidden relays for the windows? Can't find anything but the fuses. Anyone...
  17. Electric Window Probs. (Yes I read the other threads w/same prob)

    I have read all of the other threads that I could find with the same problem. Here it is: 2003 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Windows only roll down from the driver's switches. I have checked the lock out switch and it seems to be working. I used a meter and traced the yellow wire to the left rear door...