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  1. 2007 Ram 1500 parts needed

    Gen 3 Dodge Ram
    Seeking left and right side wiring harness with bulb sockets for headlamp assemblies for 2007 Ram 1500.
  2. Seeking wiring harness for headlamp assemblies

    LD RAM - General Discussion
    Seeking wiring harness for left/right headlamp assemblies on 2007 Ram 1500.
  3. Transfer case encoder wiring

    Hello, I have a 2011 2500 with 5he 5.7 gas. I am putting on a new pigtail on the harness end fit the encoder. I5 appears that I need s3ven wires but I can only find 5. Any help would be great.
  4. Trailer wiring harness?

    Just added what seems to be a factory hitch to my 2001 Ram 1500. There is a partial harness and connection box for the trailer side but vehicle side is jacked up. Can’t seem to find a factory harness or replacement. Any chance the truck was “pre-wired“ for a tow hitch and I just need to find...
  5. 2001 Power window/lock harness

    I am wanting to install a new set of doors, from a 2000, on my truck, which is a 2001. My drivers door is messed up and I found a guy that has both doors and they have power accessories. As I would like to have the power accessories, I will just get both doors. However, I do not understand...
  6. window wiring harness

    just fixed my window not rolling up problem turns out it was the wiring harness one again its the door wiring problem if any of out their are having window, lock, or speaker issues check this first just might save you some time and money
  7. Need P/N - 2005 RC with factory tow package

    I am looking to install the factory tow package wire harness on my RC short bed Dodge (it did not come with it) I have contacted Dodge while getting my build sheet and the local dealer, Dodge could not help me and the local dealer needs a VIN # from a truck that already has the tow package from...