02 4.7 in a 04?????

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I have a 04 ram with a 4.7, i had a secondarytiming chain issue which in turn caused a vavle issue, anyway, I got a great deal on a re-man engine with less than 1o,ooo miles in a 02 ram, i put the engine in my truck and it will not start???? I was told by someone that the 02 engine is not compatible with my 04 and there was nothing I could do to make it work....Is this true? if not what do I need to do......Help me my Mopar Brothers!!!!! I did hear it run before I purchased it........
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ok the 04 has a 32 tooth sprocket on the crack that is only compatible with the 4 plug pcm for you to make it work you will need a 16 tooth sprocket and a 3 plug pcm. You can change out the Sprocket from the engine but doing the PCM change is easier if you got the engine already in. ? Some will agree some won't but My buddy did it and he running good
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