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Looking for a list of things to check to confirm injector health weather its pulling it or not.

I've heard of Ohm testing them for resistance, whats the range for good and bad on Ohm testing?

Also what would be a recommended "light" injector or fuel system service? (tips, tubes, lines, etc.) for reference I've got an 03 5.9 HO with 209.9K on it and most likely the original injectors unless there is a way to verify on the injector its manufacture date. Just installed a Fass TSS 95GPH with a CAT 1R-0750 and a 175-2949 (absolute 2 micron on the FF), I use Lucas injector cleaner in every tank.

If you know of any service manuals that cover injector testing or rebuilding i'd love to get a link, I was looking through the online PDF Daimler Chrysler one in section 14 and it only got into removal and replacement. Manual I was in is for the 03s : 2003 RAM Manual.pdf
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