03 4.7 motor build question?

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After snapping the connecting rods in cylinders #1 and 2 last year, I finally found time to tear down my new junkyard 4.7 I bought. I could tell my new motor seen a bit of moisture. I tried to turn the motor by ratchet on the crank and learned it was locked up. Once I took the heads off there was some rust on the cylinder walls of #1 and 2. I now has penetrating lubricant soaking in the cylinders to try to break free. I can't tell yet if the walls are "pitied" yet but hoping there not. But if so what are my options for boaring my block and where would I find pistons to compensate. These 4.7 parts are hard to find and pretty salty in price.

Can somebody please give me some reasonable options before I rip my hair out from this frustration!!!!!
Thank you!!