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New here.

I have a 03’ Ram 1500 4.7 4wd.
About a month ago I was heading home from work. I noticed my truck was beginning to run hot. I pulled over and turned off the engine steam roller from the hood. I’ll pop the hood and look around it was at this point I noticed the heater hose had a hole in it . After the engine cooled, I replaced the hose and added coolant. (Did not continue to drive it hot). Afterwards I noticed there was a tapping sound similar to when you were low on oil but oil level what was fine and no signs of coolant in oil. At one point there was also a noise similar to a rod knock, but that has since gone away. A few days after ran hot, I change the oil and filter. Everything looked fine.
It’s been roughly 1500 miles or so since then and the truck drives fine doesn’t over heat. Oil pressure is Normal. Still has power.

Should I prepare myself for rebuild/replace of motor.

I run Mobil 1 5w30 full synthetic with mobil 1 filter.
Thanks in advance.
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