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I know that this has been talked about a lot but my problem seams to be different, and I need to get it repaired. I have an 04 1/2 ram 3500 diesel with auto trans SLT, My wipers work normal when there is no rain, but as soon as it rains my intermittent starts having problems, I can select intermittent and it might wipe once or 2 times each stroke or up to 5 wipes, The timing seams to be ok, I can select low or high and most times it works good, I just went to Reno in a light rain and the wipers had problems, they even stoped in the midle of the windshield. rotated the shitch a few times and started working again. This has been going on for a while but seams to be getting worse (more wipes per stroke ) Could anyone help with this?

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