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Front left turn signal bulb out - new aftermarket lamp assembly about 3 mos ago, awesome fit, look, "direct OEM replacement" fine until couple days ago. The inner reflector post melted, touched bulb and bulb blew. No Prob, got a set of Sylvania LED 3157A, no heat to worry about - changed pass side also before that became a problem. No luck. Turn signal still out, no parking lamp illumination either.
First light/lamp issue I had was w driver head light out and same LAMP OUT warning about 1 month after new assembly install. By the book checks - wire + pin connectors, grounds, relays, all checked out. Another forum had discussion and recommended removing FCM from IPM while live ( couldnt believe it to be done live) Tried it - Fixed! Lights worked, lamp indicator went out and back to normal.
I have the Dodge service manual from Daimler-Chrysler, everything Ive found there checks out. I dont have the Diagnostic tools/testers as the dealer would, just OBDIII/ABS that cannot diagnose electrical FCM or IPM issues. Has ANYONE had any similar issues? Issue in the Multi Switch- Turn Signal switch where I need to remove steering wheel? Any ideas or avenues I can try before giving up and paying the insane dealer fees? Or ill just buy the diag system first, but really would rather not spend that much on the 04 work/beater
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