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I bought my truck used and it now has 160k miles on it. I want to overhaul the entire cooling system. Here's the parts list I have so far, can yall help if I'm missing something:

Radiator (new)
Radiator Cap (16 psi)
Water Pump (new reman.)
Thermostat (203*)
Upper and Lower radiator hoses
Coolant (18.7 quarts)

Also, should I step down to a 190* thermostat? Is cooler better? Should I stick with the Mopar coolant or since I'm going all new is normal ethylene glycol ok?

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As For The T Stat the ECM/PCM Is set for Optimum Performance with A factory spec Temp T Stat so If It Calls for a 195 Id go Back to Same temp and As For the Radiator to Same Some Cash Id See A Shop About Having that One Roded out as they call it its about 50 buck to do around here and you plan to do all that Id Change Heater Core Hoses too
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