'04 wanting to stall when coming to a stop

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Hey all,
I've got an 04 ram with 187k miles on it. When I'm coming to a complete stop, right at idle, my truck wants to stall out. Sometimes it just drops real low but jumps back up to normal rpms. It seems like the harder I have to stop, the better chance it is it will stall. Doesn't matter if the engines warmed up or still cold. It starts right back up with no problem, and it doesn't idle rough or have any hesitation. Problem is only when reaching idle speed. During this last winter, I couldn't put more than a third of a gallon in at a time before the pump would click off. I'd have to wait for about 10 seconds or so, and pump another third of a gallon (needless to say, it was rough fueling up in the cold). But now that it's warmer out, it will fill all the way up with no issues.
I've done a lot of research and found quite a few possible solutions. Charcoal canister, purge solenoid, throttle position sensor, idle air control, PCM, even down to low Tansmission fluid. My question is, is there any way to test some of these so I can either rule them out or find the colperate? I'm leaning towards charcoal canister/purge solenoid because of the winter issues.
Any advice or knowledge to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

P.S. No codes have popped up. I do have a DS Preditor if that could help diagnose something.
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Update: heading to work this morning and my truck lost power. The electronic throttle control light came on. This isn't the first time it's happened. But usually I can shit the truck off and turn it back on and its fine. Not this time. I've cleaned the throttle body a few times and it has seemed to fix it, but apparently those were just bandaids to the actual issue. I've heard replacing the throttle body can solve this, but again. Looking to find a definitive answer to it being the problem.
Again no cel, but I was able to pull a code with my Preditor. P2101 and po944. Not sure if the loss of hydraulic pump prime is a cause or effect of the issue, or even related. Just trying to give all information.
Update #2 - bought a new throttle body this morning from the dealer as well as a new gasket just to be safe. Installed it and nothing. Didn't fix the issue I cleared the codes and set the truck back to factory tune. Still doing it, however I now have two codes that won't go away. P2111 and p2112. From what I've read up on these, everyone's saying it's the throttle actuator censor inside the throttle body and that a new throttle body should fix the issue. So since mine obviously didn't, what else could this be?
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